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How to find out the year of manufacture of a phone

Sometimes you need to verify the phone’s manufacturing year when purchasing a used one. To assess the general state, compatibility with contemporary applications, capabilities, or just out of curiosity. There are several approaches to this, both contemporary and conventional. Using the system settings, serial number, or IMEI code, for instance. We’ve gone into great depth about each approach so you can select the one that works best for you. How to find out the year of manufacture of a phone

Phone settings

The easiest way to find out the age of a smartphone is to look in the settings.

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  • open the “Settings” menu on your gadget;
  • find the “About device” section or an item with a similar name (may differ depending on the brand and model);
  • Look for date information at the bottom, sometimes this information is listed as a serial number or model code.

Serial number

The model and manufacture date can be reliably identified by a special set of symbols. The serial number, which is made up of letters and digits, is used for warranty verification, tracking sold devices and technical service repairs. 

How to find out the year of manufacture of a phone

The phone box’s serial number can be found there; in the past, it was under the battery, but only on models where the cover and battery were taken off. Sometimes the number appears as “IMEI 013845000401481” or “S/N: R31CB7LG4HN” and is written on the device or in the settings. Let’s attempt to decipher the code, as it appears to be confusing and complicated.

Typically, the 6 and 7 characters from the end of the serial number indicate the production date, respectively. For example, if the last characters are “…456789”, then “8” means the month (August), and “7” means the year (2017).

In some cases, the year can be encoded with a letter: A=2010, B=2011, C=2012 and so on in the English alphabet.

IMEI code

How to find out the year of manufacture of a phone

A dishonest vendor from Avito may also provide the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), a unique identification for mobile devices. They may say that the gadget is brand new, undamaged, painted, has only one owner, has no miles on it, and was made in 2024.

  • Dial *#06# on your phone to see the 15-digit code on the screen. Or look for this item through the gadget settings in the “About device” section.

As with the serial number, 6 and 7 characters from the end usually indicate the month and year of production, described in detail in the paragraph above.


There are many free services on the Internet for checking information about a smartphone by IMEI or serial number. It is enough to write in the search engine “How to find out what year a phone is” or “Deciphering a mobile identifier online.”

When working with a mobile ID, we recommend using the official website IMEI.info. Just enter the gadget code on the main page and you will receive a detailed answer. Don’t forget to pass the “captcha” – without this checkbox the site will not provide information.

How to find out the year of manufacture of a phone

If you know the exact mobile model, try searching the Internet for information. Enter in a search engine a query like “Model name + release date”, like “Tecno Pova 5 what year of production”. How to find out the year of manufacture of a phone


Applications for mobile devices are available that display comprehensive data about Android and Apple devices. The idea behind searching is the same as it is for websites; all you have to do is type in a query in app stores like Google Play and AppStore. For Android devices, you can use “Device Information,” and for iOS devices, Phonecheck.

Install one of these applications, run it to find out the year of manufacture of your phone.

Secret codes

Certain equipment brands have hidden codes. With their assistance, you may rapidly obtain the IMEI, which encrypts the smartphone’s release date, as well as test the smartphone’s local network, audio, and RAM version. If you have ever purchased ringtones from TV, images from magazines, or used *102# to check your balance, then the string of characters and digits won’t frighten you.

The code needs to be entered exactly like a phone number would be when making a call. However, there’s no need to hit the call button because, when entering the final character, a window containing the required data appears on the screen.

How to find out the year of manufacture of a phone

Secret code *#06# to call IMEI on Samsung, Realme, Xiaomi, TECNO, Apple gadgets.

May not work on some models. For older models, you can try the following combinations:

  • Samsung : *#8999*8378# or *#0206*8378# – after entering, a menu will appear in which you need to select “Produced”.
  • For old Nokia : *#0000# – displays information about the production date and software version. If it doesn’t work, try the alternatives: *#92772689# or *#WARRANTY#.
  • Sony : *#7377466#

Visual inspection

If you have the original phone box, inspect it carefully. Sometimes on the packaging, they write the year and month of production and other information that can be used to determine the “freshness” of the gadget. 

How to find out the year of manufacture of a phone

Equipment store or manufacturer

If none of the aforementioned techniques work, you can get in touch with the company directly. Look for the official webpage online; most contemporary businesses provide customer service numbers. Send in a request with the model, serial number, and, if available, IMEI of the device. If something goes wrong, the expert could ask for more information regarding the device. 

Go to the product card and check the “Characteristics” or “Description” section for the relevant information if you purchased your smartphone from a store like DNS or M.Video.

Why you need to know the release date of your phone

Batteries drain with time, resulting in the common issue of “the phone won’t hold a charge.” The battery lasts for roughly five years on average. If the smartphone is functioning well and you don’t want to replace it, it is best to replace the battery after this time because it may become unpredictable after that. When purchasing a used device, you should determine the smartphone’s release date to approximate the state of the power supply. 

Certain operating system modifications, or “custom firmware,” are created with consideration for the hardware features of smartphones that are introduced after a specific date. It is crucial to ascertain whether your smartphone satisfies the specifications of a certain firmware to prevent issues during the firmware installation process and prevent damage to your device.

There are numerous methods for determining your phone’s manufacturing year, ranging from examining the settings to getting in touch with the company. The option with the serial number and IMEI works with the majority of devices, albeit decryption issues could occur; internet resources and apps can assist. Additionally, all it takes to find the code is to type *#06# on the device’s keyboard.

Although it won’t work for the newest smartphones, visual inspection and taking off the battery and cover will help with vintage Nokia models. Owners of both new and old phone models will find the product card in the online store helpful to study. How to find out the year of manufacture of a phone

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