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How to download videos from RuTube for free

Did you enjoy the RuTube video but are unsure about how to download it? We’ll explain every method of downloading videos to you, including extensions and web services. How to download videos from RuTube for free

Online service

How to download videos from RuTube for free

Use the GetVideo.at service to download the video you are interested in from RuTube in a few clicks.


  • While on the RuTube website, copy the address of the video you want to download. To do this, right-click anywhere in the video and select “Copy video link”;
  • Go to getvideo.at;
  • In the address bar next to the “Find” button, paste the link copied from RuTube. Click “Find”;
  • The service will process the request and display a list of download links. You will be offered several resolutions to choose from. Select what you are interested in;
  • Wait for the download.

How to download videos from RuTube for free

The advantages of this method: you do not need to install additional applications or extensions. Cons: sometimes the service crashes and may give you an error when trying to download a video.


How to download videos from RuTube for free

For those who often download videos, it is better to install a separate application. For example, Ummy Video Downloader.

  • Go to the program website, click the big green “Download” button. Depending on your OS, the required version will be highlighted (for Mac or Windows);
  • Install the program following the instructions;
  • Launch Ummy Video Downloader;
  • Go to RuTube and start the video you want to download. Right-click anywhere in the video and select “Copy video link”;
  • Go to Ummy Video Downloader. Find the address bar and paste the link with the video you want to download into it. Click “Search”;
  • The program will display videos and download links. Click “Download”;
  • Wait for it to load.

How to download videos from RuTube for free

Pros: Using the program, you can download a lot of high-resolution videos, create libraries and monitor downloads. Cons: High resolution downloads (1080p and above) require payment.


How to download videos from RuTube for free

To download a video using an extension, you must first install the necessary plugin from the store within your browser. The bulk of them have chromium engines. Video Hunter Downloader is an excellent plugin that can be used to download videos for them. 


  • Go to the Google Chrome store using the link to find Video Hunter Downloader (works on Chrome, Yandex Browser, Brave, Vivaldi);
  • Click “Install”;
  • Open the video on the RuTube website that you want to download;
  • Click on the Video Hunter Downloader icon. A list of videos with different resolutions will appear. Select the one you need;
  • Click “Download” and wait for it to download.

How to download videos from RuTube for free

Advantages: fewer clicks than when using an internet downloader, and no computer software installation needed. Cons: You can’t always download videos of the highest quality with extensions, and they frequently crash.

How to download a video on Android

To download videos on Android devices, you need to download a special program. For example, “Video Downloader” from the developer InShot Inc.


  • Follow the link to open the Google Play store. Or enter the name of the program “Video Downloader” into the search;
  • Click “Install” and wait for the process to complete;
  • In your mobile browser or RuTube application, copy the address of the video you want to download. To do this, click the “Share” button and click on “Copy” or “Copy” – the button will appear under the video address;
  • Open Video Downloader. By default, it reads the clipboard, offering to open the video using the copied link. You can also insert the video manually. To do this, copy the link in the “Find or enter URL” field;
  • After opening the video tab, a red circle with an arrow will appear at the bottom – this is the download button. Click it;
  • Select the video resolution, click “Download”.

Pros: you can always download any video from RuTube, as well as other social networks supported by the application. Cons: There are advertisements in the application.

How to download a video on iOS

Downloading a video on iOS is difficult, but you can always record a video from the screen. Instructions:

Configure access to the function:

  • Open the Settings app on your device;
  • Go to the “Control Center” section;
  • Select “Customize Controls”;
  • Find Screen Recording in the Available Controls list;
  • Click on “+” to add the function to “Enabled”.

Start recording:

  • Open the app or screen you want to record;
  • Swipe down from the top right corner of the screen;
  • Click the button with a circle and a dot inside to start recording;
  • After the 3-second countdown, screen recording will begin.

Stop recording:

  • While recording, you can minimize the app to record other parts of the screen;
  • You can also hide the control panel so you don’t block part of the display;
  • To stop recording, click the button with a red square in the same menu where you started it;
  • You can also click on the red recording indicator in the status bar to stop recording.

Find the recorded video:

  • Once recording is complete, the video will be automatically saved in the Photos app;
  • You can find it in your Screen Recordings folder;
  • There are several options for editing the video. You can also send it to a friend.

Pros: You can always record any video from any source. Cons: Reduced quality compared to the video source. And if they send you a notification, it will be visible in the video.

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