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10 best programs for creating Android games

You can make Android games with a lot of different apps, all with different levels of difficulty. Now, let’s discuss the top ten. 10 best programs for creating Android games


10 best programs for creating Android games

Unity is a cross-platform environment. It developed such projects as Among Us, Call of Duty: Mobile, and Escape from Tarkov.

Unity has an intuitive interface and a wide range of features. You can work on any genre: from shooters and racing to strategies and simulators. A nice feature of Unity is that there are a huge number of tutorials available online.  

 The program supports import from 3dsMax, Maya, Softimage, CINEMA 4D, and Blender. The latest version, Unity 5, has a 64-bit architecture and WebGL support.


10 best programs for creating Android games

GameMaker is an environment for creating mobile games. It formed the basis of Hotline Miami, Undertale, and many other projects in the indie scene. Ideal for beginners.

Game Maker allows you to understand the basics of development. Without programming and other complex matters. Learn the basics using the program as a visual designer.

For experienced specialists, there is a function to add code. It offers its programming language – Game Maker Language (GML). android-gr)

Unreal Engine

10 best programs for creating Android games

Unreal Engine needs no introduction. The heart of this engine beats the Batman: Arkham series, the Mass Effect trilogy, the latest Mortal Kombat games, and countless other games.

The main advantage of UE is its versatility. The engine is equally well suited for creating both console AAA blockbusters and mobile games. For example, PUBG: New State was created in it.

However, it cannot be said that this development environment is suitable for everyone. At a minimum, you need to be proficient in C++ and Blueprint to work in it. 


10 best programs for creating Android games

Among the easiest apps for creating mobile games. There are a ton of video tutorials on YouTube that walk viewers through the steps of making easy projects.

Since Solar2D was first intended solely for 2D projects, you will want full capability. There won’t be any superfluous clutter here, I promise. The program’s greatest advantage is its ease of use. You can see the outcome as soon as you write the code. 

Solar2D uses a simple Lua scripting language. For reference, it was used to create Dota 2.

Android Studio

10 best programs for creating Android games

The name itself says it all: it’s the top development environment for Android applications. Java and Kotlin are the two programming languages available. Google declared the latter to be the official language of Android.

Simplified coding is Android Studio’s secret weapon. Errors are found and fixed by the application itself. Furthermore, the integrated AI can write the code for you.

Android Studio will automatically select the format that is appropriate for publishing on Google Play, AppGallery, RuStore, and other mobile application stores after the procedure is finished.


10 best programs for creating Android games

Another simple 2D and 3D game development environment. Thanks to the HTML5 language, all projects created in Defold are perfectly optimized. They will “fly” even on older devices and will not take up much memory space.

Defold also boasts a rich editor for working with particles, animations, and object physics. Such indie hits as Plague Lords, Craftomation 101, and BoxRob were developed on this engine.

The weaknesses of Defold are limited tools for working with 3D objects and a complex interface.

Clickteam Fusion 2.5

10 best programs for creating Android games

A visual designer that stands on par with Game Maker and Solar2D. An elementary interface, a large library of presets, and the most visual development process.

What makes Clickteam Fusion stand out among its competitors is its event editor. It allows you to quickly generate games or applications without having to write code.

At Clickteam Fusion, you’ll develop modest 2D projects up to high-profile games. The engine’s portfolio includes the famous horror film Five Nights at Freddy’s. 



Buildbox is the most friendly development environment for Android. Its authors released a detailed series of video tutorials on the official website, and one of the videos was even integrated into Buildbox itself.

Anyone can discuss the program on the forum or ask questions to the creators by email. This kind of user support is worth a lot. As does the presence of the Buildbox World mobile application.

With it, you can export your project from the mother program to your smartphone. Test the game and make changes at any time.  

Construct 3

An environment that is often used when developing mobile RPGs or puzzle games. In 2013, it created Mortar Melon, which became a hit in the United States. The author of the game stated that the work took two days. 

Construct 3 is much simpler than Unity and more flexible than Buildbox. The main feature of the program is the ability to skip several initial stages of development. All thanks to the built-in physics engine Box2D.

 Java Script is used as the programming language. At the same time, you can develop simple games without code. 


The ideological heir to the Microsoft XNA platform – a set of tools and libraries that facilitated game development.

XNA has long since sunk into oblivion, but MonoGame continues where it started. An accessible interface, C#, and .NET languages, as well as a solid set of functions. Plus, the engine boasts open source. 10 best programs for creating Android games

Notable projects on MonoGame include indie hits Stardew Valley and Transistor. 

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