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The best apps to create animations on your phone

Animation is a medium that many artists eventually attempt to master. However, it is too costly to purchase specialized software or build up a whole station at home using a graphics tablet. Consequently, a lot of individuals typically try animating their drawings for the first time on touch-screen phones or tablets. The best apps to create animations on your phone

We’ve gathered several great apps for making animations on your phone in this post. Most of them are compatible with iOS and Android.


Download : iOS , Android

With Flipaclip, frame-by-frame animation is the main focus. With the aid of the application, you will learn how to make a flipbook and be able to make your first simple cartoon or brief GIF. You can turn on a unique overlay grid and change the transparency to help you stay focused on the process and monitor every produced layer in detail.

Additionally, if you’ve already rendered the final frames on your phone or computer and only need to merge them, upload each file separately and merge them into a single final video. If required, you can also adjust the image’s colors by using a straightforward color scheme or adding additional effects.


Download : iOS

The best apps to create animations on your phone

Bot3D is without a doubt among the greatest choices for inexperienced 3D animators. The fact that it can only be downloaded on iOS is its lone disadvantage. However, we advise you to give it a try if you are the proud owner of an iPhone or iPad. Furthermore, Bot3D is provided without cost.

There are numerous models in the application that can be altered to fit your concept. Figures of men and women, a variety of natural items, trees, machinery, and much more. Not only can you lip-synch characters with voice acting, but you can also add your drawings or photographs from the gallery.


Download : iOS , Android 

The best apps to create animations on your phone

If nothing else, this program is ideal for novices since it offers pre-made templates that allow you to quickly put together and edit a video. Renderforest capabilities also contain auxiliary features like animations for whiteboard drawings, typography for manipulating typefaces, frame-by-frame logo animation, and a lot more.

The software does not end with merely 2D, though. In addition, there are 3D animation templates and a plethora of file editing options available, such as the ability to customize the font and color scheme, add audio and narration, and preview the finished product.


Download : iOS 

The best apps to create animations on your phone

The Animoto app is yet another iOS-only offering. This is a basic editor with pre-made storyboard templates. You can download the pre-made templates and easily modify themor you can draw each frame as you create the animation. Although Animoto is freely available, you can purchase an extended version to access additional features.

In case you lack knowledge and are unsure of where to begin, the program offers multiple pre-made video tutorials that will walk you through the process of using the fundamental features. For instance, how can create your template, add various effects, and alter the font’s color and style?


Download : iOS , Android 

The best apps to create animations on your phone

Novice users can also experiment with RoughAnimator. Additionally, it is possible to install it on a PC. The application is available for Windows and Mac in addition to iOS and Android. However, their average cost is 6.5 $, and they are all paid.

RoughAnimator is built on the frame-by-frame shooting methodology, just like a lot of other programs of this kind. This means that you may either manually create each frame or add pre-made options from the gallery. The application’s benefits include the ability to work with an infinite number of layers and practical features like a timeline, rotoscope, and other tools that facilitate the creation of animation.

Animation Desk

Download : iOS , Android

The best apps to create animations on your phone

For novices, the incredibly user-friendly Animation Desk is also excellent. The tool’s easy-to-use interface will essentially walk you through the process of creating animation and compiling frames into a single file. To make original films and memes, you can also upload any picture or video and draw over it.

The tools and canvas are customizable to meet your needs. The application has up to 49 different kinds of brushes, for instance. You may also modify every one of them, including the stroke size, color, texture, transparency, and much more.

PicsArt Animator

Download : iOS , Android

The best apps to create animations on your phone

It has already been discussed a few times, but PicsArt is a great tool for mobile photo editing. However, it features another program called PicsArt Animator that is meant for making hand-drawn videos.

With it, you can use pre-made tools to make a video in your way. The fundamental features of the ordinary edition include frame-by-frame animation, a 3D camera, frame duplication, animated stickers, and effects, the option to add your sound, and much more.

If you have no prior knowledge, you can begin by doing something easy, like making your own animated emoji or photo editing. It will be cool to add hand-drawn effects to them, and you will comprehend the application’s guiding ideas. 

Toontastic 3D

Download : Android

Toontastic 3D is unquestionably going to be on the list of Android and iPhone cartoon creation applications. All of this is made possible by the readily available pre-built backgrounds, characters, and effects that mix and match with ease.

You select the characters that will appear in the video as well as its location. Instead of one of the characters’ faces, you can choose to upload your photo. Next, you can record your voice directly in the application, add your voice acting, and animate the on-screen characters’ movements before saving the final product. Toontastic 3D has limited functionalitybut it’s a great resource for learning about animation principles.

Stop Motion Studio

Download : iOS , Android

Another simple application for drawing animations is Stop Motion Studio. With its help, you can easily create animations at a close-to-professional level, even if you have very little experience. 

The main feature is the ability to work with different plans. You can choose a background, add different moving elements to it, and then bring the characters of the video to the fore. In addition, the utility has settings for focus, shutter speed, exposure, white balance, and even ISO. You can also download ready-made videos and images and draw directly on top of them.


Download : iOS

The target audience for our newest contestant is anyone who enjoys vintage flipbook animation. It can only be made in one style, although there are plenty of tools available to create it. The best apps to create animations on your phone 

For drawing, there are various pens, brushes, pencils, and even erasers. Each layer can be drawn, and dragged between other layers, its transparency can be changed, or a premade frame can be copied. The produced videos are incredibly light and easy to upload to instant messengers because of their simplicity.

Aspiring animators are wished inspiration and good fortune. You may build your first videos more easily and have a better understanding of how frames work with any of the apps mentioned above. The best apps to create animations on your phone 

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