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How to recover WhatsApp after deletion

WhatsApp is an application used by millions of people. It is convenient, fast and understandable. Making a call anywhere in the world is much easier with WhatsApp, so it’s always unpleasant when something happens to it. For example, you changed your smartphone, or you had to delete your messenger. Then a completely logical question arises: “How to restore WhatsApp on your phone?” In this article we will answer it.How to recover WhatsApp after deletion

How to recover WhatsApp after deletion

Why did the messenger disappear?

Before we talk about restoring WhatsApp, we need to figure out why the application disappeared from the device.

The most obvious reason is deletion. Perhaps you or someone else with access to the gadget did this. It goes without saying that there will be no icons, no correspondence, no data left.

If you are sure that there was no deletion, then the application can be hidden. Perhaps its shortcut has been moved (for example, to a nearby smartphone screen). In this case, do not rush to open the Play Store to reinstall WhatsApp, but rather do a few simple steps:

  • go to settings;
  • find the “Applications” item, and then go to “All applications”;
  • A search bar will appear in front of you, where you need to enter the name of the messenger.

How to recover WhatsApp after deletion

If your request produces results, then WhatsApp is still on the phone, so restoring WhatsApp will most likely not be required. Dig deeper into your device to find what’s missing.

If your searches are unsuccessful, then you have hidden the app somehow. Then it would be best to delete it in order to restore WhatsApp later.

  • open the messenger in the list of installed applications;
  • tap on delete;
  • confirm it.

How to recover WhatsApp after deletion

Before doing this, we recommend that you carefully check all phone screens. If you still had to get rid of the application, then below we will tell you how to recover deleted WhatsApp.

How to restore WhatsApp on your phone

Let’s use the simplest method: open Google Play, write the name of the messenger in the search engine, and then download and install it. It may take some time to load, so don’t press anything too much to prevent it from crashing.

How to recover WhatsApp after deletion

If the Play Market does not work for you, then you can use another available store or install the application manually. We tell you how to do this:

  • go to the official WhatsApp website ;find the “Package Installer” button and click on it;
  • the APK file will start downloading, wait until it finishes;
  • after that, look at “Explorer” / “File Manager” to open the file;
  • tap on “Install”.

In order for Whatsapp recovery to be successful in this way, you must first go to settings and allow downloading and installation from unknown sources. This is important because if there is no permission, the process will not even begin.

How to return correspondence to WhatsApp

So, we figured out how to restore Whatsapp, now it’s time to take care of the most important thing – correspondence, because this is what users try to save, since there may be important messages, photographs and animated cards in honor of the accountant’s professional holiday.

The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • open the messenger;
  • agree to all proposed conditions;
  • enter your phone number;
  • Confirm your entry by entering the number from the SMS you received;
  • after that, “Backup detected” will appear on the screen;
  • Click on “Restore”.

  • Naturally, you need to take care of backups in advance, otherwise it will be impossible to return correspondence.

The backup was not restored automatically

If you encounter such a problem, we offer you a manual recovery option (suitable for Android OS).

  • find the application folder (it can be located in Explorer, or on a flash drive, or in internal memory);
  • there is a subfolder named “databases”, it stores files that contain the date, the letters “db” – database and crypt – encryption protocol;
  • the subfolder must be given a different name, for example, msgstore.db.crypt14 (the number is the number of the encryption protocol that is registered in the files in the folder);
  • reinstall WhatsApp. You should be prompted to restore your backup.(How to recover WhatsApp after deletion)

How to make a backup

We wrote how to restore correspondence, but did not mention how to make a backup itself. It’s a pretty simple process.

  • in the application itself there are three dots that you need to tap on;
  • a menu will open from where you need to go straight to the settings;
  • open the “Chats” tab, and then go to “Chat backup”;
  • select the account where the backup will be created;
  • click on the create button and wait for the process to complete.

It is best to configure it so that the backup is created automatically, because human memory can sometimes fail. To do this, simply go to the “Copy to Google Drive” tab.

Is it possible to return correspondence without a backup copy?

As we said above, this is impossible to do. If there was really something important in some chat, then you should ask your interlocutor to forward the necessary messages. Or simply export the chat.

This can be done by going to three points and opening there “More” – “Export chat”.

So, we have looked at all the ways to restore WhatsApp, as well as all chats. The most important thing: take care of backup in advance if you don’t want to lose your correspondence forever.How to recover WhatsApp after deletion

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