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How to find your phone by IMEI yourself

In today’s world, losing your phone is a big problem. Fortunately, there are methods that can help you find the device. One such method is searching by IMEI. This material described in detail what it is, how to find a phone by IMEI and other alternative methods.

What is IMEI

International Mobile Equipment Identity is most often written by the acronym IMEI – this is a unique identification number assigned to each mobile phone. Most often it consists of 15 digits, which are used to identify a device on the network. Identification is needed to distinguish the phone from others.

When connecting to the Internet or making a call, the gadget reports the IMEI to its operator.

IMEI structure:

TAC : first 8 digits – Type Allocation Code, indicates the make and model of the phone. For example, Xiaomi or Honor. Device Serial Number : The next 6 digits, they are unique for each gadget.

Check Digit : The 15th digit is used to verify the authenticity of the entire IMEI number. For example, to enter code into the database when registering on a website or installing an application.

How to find your phone by IMEI yourself

How to find out the IMEI of a phone

Typically, the code may be printed on the device’s shipping box, next to the serial number, on the SIM tray, or under the battery if it is removable.

How to find your phone by IMEI yourself

In addition, IMEI is in the phone settings. On your iPhone, go to Settings → General → About This Device. If you have Android, then the path is: “Settings” → “About phone”

Another option to find out the IMEI of your phone is to make a request via the USSD command. Open calls (phone dialer) and dial *#06#. The operating system interface and IMEI code will be displayed on the screen.

How to find your phone by IMEI yourself

Why is IMEI needed?

Thanks to IMEI, the mobile provider knows which models and brands of gadgets are in use. Using this information, you can improve the architecture of operator applications for your phone and control the quality of communication. The telecom operator can also monitor the use of network traffic, so they understand which devices are consuming how much “resource”.

Using IMEI, you can identify and track your lost device. Again, mobile operators can provide IMEI information to the police so that they can use the code to locate stolen or lost phones. If your mobile phone is stolen, you can negotiate with your provider to block the device by IMEI.

The iPhone or Android will turn into a pumpkin and become unsuitable for further use on the network. Before purchasing a phone from your hands, you can check the IMEI of the gadget for authenticity, make sure that it is not stolen or blocked.

Find a phone by IMEI

How to find your phone by IMEI yourself

When the phone connects to the network, it communicates with the nearest cell tower. IMEI helps the network track which tower the mobile phone is connected to and determines the approximate location of the phone. Although useful, IMEI is not designed to accurately track a device’s location like GPS. Its main function is to identify and manage devices on the network.

Is it possible to find a phone by IMEI

To search for a phone by IMEI, Android device owners need to follow these steps:Log in to your Google account on the Find Device website .Select the icon with the desired gadget in the upper left part of the screen and click on the details icon.

Those who want to find an iPhone by IMEI should:

Go to the Manage Apple ID portal .Log in to the Apple ID that is linked to your smartphone.

Go to the “Devices” section and read the information.

Let us remind you that this is a “home” method of searching for a lost phone by IMEI. We cannot guarantee that you will definitely find your smartphone this way.

It is important to understand that searching for a lost or stolen phone on your own is an almost impossible task.

There are no legal services on the Internet to search for a phone by IMEI. In most cases, such attempts are not only futile, but may violate the law or someone’s privacy rights.

Block phone by IMEI

How to find your phone by IMEI yourself

To block a device by IMEI, you need to contact your mobile provider to blacklist your phone code. The smartphone will no longer be able to work on the cellular network with any SIM card.

The nuance of the method is that not every country has IMEI registries and not all companies are ready to share information with the global organization GSM Association. For example, in Russia you can only block a SIM card.

Before contacting your provider, contact them and make sure that the country you are in maintains an IMEI registry and the operator transmits the necessary information there.

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Alternative ways to find a lost phone

Searching for a phone by IMEI is not the only way to “find a lost one.” There are alternative options.

You can find your iPhone through the official Latitude app, but you must first share the geolocation with your loved ones. To do this, go to “Settings” → Click on your Name → “Locator” → “Share geolocation”.

On iPhone 15, while walking around the city, you can “track” friends within a radius of 60 meters from you. If you lose your gadget, ask the loved one with whom you shared the geolocation to use the “Find” option. Works only on Apple devices.

‘The next option for Android is suitable if geolocation is enabled on your gadget. Using your browser, go to your Google account settings → “Find device” . Select the one you need from the list. Use Google’s Find My Device feature to track your phone’s location.

How to find your phone by IMEI yourself

If you forgot your smartphone in a taxi, then find on the Internet the social networks of the company you traveled with. Describe the situation in detail in private messages, try to give as much information as possible: mobile number, approximate travel time, address. Employees will check the database and help you contact the driver.

Report loss or theft to local law enforcement. Give them your device’s IMEI so they can start searching.

If you think that you left your phone in a specific place, for example, in a cafe, at work, or any other establishment, then try contacting the administration of these places. The numbers can be found on Google maps or 2GIS.Use social networks, forums, chats if you think that someone might have seen your smartphone and publish information about the find.

How to find your phone by IMEI yourself

Finding a phone by IMEI is a difficult task, and it’s difficult to figure it out without the intervention of the police and telecom operators. Attempts to find a gadget on your own through online resources, as a rule, do not give the desired results.

The most reliable way is to pre-set up your phone for remote location tracking. Alternatively, Find My iPhone features for Apple devices.

Write in the comments what programs for tracking the location of a smartphone do you know about?



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