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10 Best Location Tracking Apps

We often worry about loved ones, and the reasons are very different. The safety of a child who goes to school independently, coordinating meetings with friends or the desire to connect with family members while traveling.10 Best Location Tracking Apps

Modern technologies make it possible to track the geo position of smartphones of loved ones using special applications based on the idea of ​​voluntary and mutual transfer of information. In this article, we have described the 10 best location tracking apps

10 Best Location Tracking Apps

1. Mixer Box BFF

Download: iOS , Android

10 Best Location Tracking Apps

Location sharing app available on both iOS and Android. The operating principle of BFF is similar to its popular brother Zenly, but with some limitations in functionality. “Bi-fi-fi” also allows you to share your current location with friends and family, and vice versa, you can control your loved ones.

One of the key characteristics of BFF is its focus on security: the app works on an invite system to ensure the user only shares location with trusted people. It won’t happen that your neighbor Vasya will install BFF and start spying on you. You can add friends and connect with them on the map using a QR code.

The main screen shows not only the person’s location, but also additional information: movement speed and battery level. There is a section with personal messages. The “Your World” and “Traces” sections automatically record the places and routes you’ve been to, so you can easily remember your vacation and share interesting routes with friends.

2. Blink:

Download: iOS , Android

10 Best Location Tracking Apps

To share coordinates in Blink, just send an invitation through your phone contacts, find a person by nickname or phone number. There is no option in the app that shows random users nearby. Suitable for anyone who is against unwanted acquaintances with people who have Blink installed.

On the main screen there is a map where you can see

the tags of friends on the application and the charge level of their smartphones. Also, like in BFF, it is possible to send messages and sound stickers to friends in private messages. If you shake your phone, you can send a notification to all your loved ones who are nearby. We suggest testing it at home on the couch.

Blink has several map designs to choose from and the ability to temporarily hide your location from certain users – a great package for a teenager.

3. Family Link

Download: iOS , Android

10 Best Location Tracking Apps

Family Link is an app from Google that focuses on parental controls. Allows parents to manage their children’s accounts and devices, set limits on application use and content. In addition, you can track your child’s location via phone.

  • Here’s what you need to do to find these parameters:
  • You need to create a new Google account for your baby and add a family group.
  • Launch the Google Family Link application from your child’s smartphone.
  • Instructions will appear on the screen on how to add your account to the family group.
  • Afterwards, you need to go into the application from the parent’s gadget to confirm the linking of the phone and the account of the ward.
  • A feature will appear on the Family Link home screen to track the location of your child’s device. Just activate it and you will be able to see the location of your smartphone.

4. Where are my children: GPS tracker

Download: Android

10 Best Location Tracking Apps

A useful tool for parents who want to know where their child is. An intuitive interface helps you quickly master the controls and understand the settings. A family GPS tracker allows you to monitor your child’s movements on a map and view the history of his movements for the day.

Notifications about movements will be sent to the parent’s phone in real time when children leave home, school or guests. It is possible to send a “signal” to the child’s phone and use GPS to find the gadget if lost.

5. Snap Map

Download: iOS , Android

10 Best Location Tracking Apps

Built-in interactive map in Snapchat. Users’ location and activity can be seen. The map displays user avatars and uses custom Bitmoji avatars that change based on activity and location. For example, when a person is walking around the city, his virtual Bitmoji will walk.

There are privacy settings. With Ghost Mode, users can control access to their location by determining who to share data with and when.

Snap Map is distinguished by its visualization of the map, showing the actions of friends and family in the form of a heat map of different colors. Colors will depend on many factors, ranging from activity to location. Thanks to this, the dynamics of the city are felt, the familiar map turns into a rhythmic, changing picture.

6. Family360

Download: iOS, Android 

10 Best Location Tracking Apps

“How to track a child’s phone?” is a popular thought among parents who are concerned about the safety of their children. Family360 will help you stay informed about the whereabouts of your loved ones. Install the application on the smartphones of the whole family, create a group, invite friends and family with whom you want to mutually exchange geolocation. In real time, push notifications will be sent to your smartphone, indicating who left home to buy bread or who your mother’s friend’s son went to visit.

In addition to location monitoring, there is a phone search option that will show the approximate location of the gadget using the built-in GPS tracker. Accurate real-time map tracking, like taxi apps, is only available in the paid version.

7. Google maps

Download: iOS , Android

10 Best Location Tracking Apps

Google Maps is known to many, but few people have looked into the settings to explore all the application’s tools. By the way, maps make it convenient to share your location with others. It is useful if you need to find out the location of a child by phone in order to be sure of his safety. You can control who sees your location and for what period of time you provide access to your geodata. By this principle, others can hide information about themselves from you.

If you share your location, this is what others see: name, photo, last location of the device, battery level information. It is important to remember that the transfer of geodata is possible even if you disable location history in your Google account settings.

If the account is through Family Link, then you can transfer location information only in “Link”.

8. Locator

Download: Apple Built-in Service

10 Best Location Tracking Apps

Apple devices have a built-in locator that helps you find your phone if it gets lost and other Apple devices. If, for example, you lost your iPhone, you can find it using your iPad or MacBook. You just need to enter your Apple ID in the Find My app on another device, and the location of the lost gadget will be displayed on the map.

In addition, “Locator” allows you to create a group of close people, share geodata with them and you can mutually monitor each other, the location will be displayed on the map. Location is tracked in real time.

The other side of this function is data accounting. Essentially, to track someone using a map, all you need is an Apple ID. But when this data falls into the wrong hands, the consequences are frightening: violation of confidentiality and unauthorized surveillance of a person. In addition, the information can be used by scammers for blackmail.

9. Jagat

Download: iOS , Android 

10 Best Location Tracking Apps

Jagat has standard functionality for this kind of application. The only unique feature is the “Find kindred spirits” function, which is suitable for brave and liberated people. Share your location data with friends and random people nearby. On the one hand, it’s a great opportunity to find friends with similar interests. You can even share Stories and plan activities, such as a run in the park or a trip to the theater.

However, it is important to remember the potential risks in such ventures. Starting your acquaintance with the transfer of geodata is a dubious idea. Yes, Jagat was created to help find like-minded people, friends with similar interests, but only the user who trusts strangers bears the responsibility and risks.

10. Whoo

Download: iOS

10 Best Location Tracking Apps

Whoo is an application exclusive to iOS, which they promise to add to Android in the future. As with other similar applications, you need to regularly provide access to your geodata.

Whoo is also similar to the popular Zenly: you can see where your friends are if you add them to your list and chat with them. But don’t forget: the convenience of communication goes hand in hand with the need to share your location data. If you are concerned about privacy, think twice before installing such an application.

Location tracking apps are convenient, but they’re not for everyone. Parents who are worried about their child will be calm; friends who have agreed to meet and monitor each other on the map will have fun. Only by installing such programs does the user accept the user agreement, in which the developer collects his data.

Every time we launch a program and include a geolocation, we share our data and open personal information to third parties who can sell it. Be sure to read the user agreement carefully to understand how your data is used. Write in the comments, are you ready to sacrifice finality for the opportunity to control your loved ones?

10 Best Location Tracking Apps

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