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10 Best Games Similar to Palworld

Japanese sandbox Palworld with elements of survival in a large open world – boring? Let’s add the mechanics of breeding “animals”, which are called fires. The animals help with various things: watering the garden beds, preparing dinner, and going hunting. With them, the base will not be lost. In addition to collecting various fireballs, you can level up your hero, explore locations, and go down to the dungeons to the bosses. 10 Best Games Similar to Palworld

In this collection, we have collected the 10 best games similar to Palworld for those who are looking for something memorable and unusual, like the creation of Pocketpair.

Pokemon series

  • Where to play : Nintendo Switch console
  • Developer : Game Freak and Creatures Inc.

10 Best Games Similar to Palworld

“Pokemon” appeared in 97 and became one of the most popular franchises in game development. So it’s fair to say that Palworld is exactly what Pokemon is like. There’s a lot of debate on the internet, but let’s look at games based on gameplay rather than ethics.

If you have a Nintendo Switch console collecting dust in your closet, we recommend purchasing a Pokemon cartridge. Taming pets, fighting monsters, and exploring the world. Catch, train, and battle hundreds of Pokemon. Instead of pals, there are Pokemon, and instead of pals, there are Pokeballs. And the animals themselves are very similar in style.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

  • Where to play : Nintendo Switch console
  • Developer : Nintendo EPD

10 Best Games Similar to Palworld

Before the Nintendo talk cools down, here’s another console legend whose echoes are felt in Palworld: Zelda. Both games are open-world action-adventure games. The player freely explores locations: runs, jumps, flies, climbs rocks, and swims in water. He fries food over a fire, and crafts equipment on a workbench – a classic plot for the genre.

Zelda has incredible graphics that have captivated the whole world and inspired developers for many years to come. Palworld is one of these games. Yes, the people and the world lack uniformity in style, but remember that this is an indie project in which people work without huge projects behind them.

Conan Exiles

Where to play : PC , consoles

Developer : Funcom

10 Best Games Similar to Palworld

If you love open-world survival games, then Conan Exiles is worth a look. The Norwegian action set in the world of Conan the Barbarian has a lot in common with the underground madness of Palworld. Sacrifices, monsters, capturing and training… slaves, as well as a system for taming animals.

In Palworld, captured animals perform unpaid slave labor, as long as they have a bowl of rice for breakfast and a bed of straw to sleep on. In Conan everything is simple: slaves are separate, animals are separate. And there is no need to beat cats and sheep half to death with a stick, and then tame them and forcefully drag them to your base to work.

Of course, Conan Exiles doesn’t force you to be a murderous slave-owning maniac. You can live calmly and carefree in the desert, filled with knowledge as much as if you had already lived a hundred trillion billion years… When playing cooperatively, this will be the case. Before you have time to appear in the world, two people with clubs will run up from behind: “bonk”! You will wake up naked on the sand – and so on a million times in a row.

If you can go beyond the starting location, you will notice another parallel with Palworld – the world of “Conan” is also divided into islands, although this technique is quite common, we will still leave this argument in the box of similarities.


  • Where to play : PC , Xbox
  • Developer : Iron Gate AB

10 Best Games Similar to Palworld

In short, Valheim is Palworld meets Conan Exiles, but in a Scandinavian setting. There are a lot of similar mechanics and genres, survival in an open world with a sandbox, battles with bosses and taming animals, death from self-confidence, and insolence towards mobs – this is what unites these 3 games.

Fancy epic adventures in wild Scandinavian landscapes? Then Valheim will become your favorite survival simulator. Just imagine: a cozy evening forest, toads are croaking and a stream is babbling, you are running in shorts and with a stick, defending yourself from a wolf who attacked like a rat from behind.

Those who played Valheim probably remembered this game when they came to building a house and base in Palworld. The mechanics and design are very similar here. The gameplay of Valheim is not limited to the battle with the wolf for a warm place. All you have to do is cut down a tree and build a shack – everything will change immediately. You will have the strength and desire to clear dungeons, kill trolls, and fill your bags with ore. For what? To build a barrel for mashing and brew mead. Wake up and start each sunrise on the porch of your luxurious tower with a pint in hand.

No one will help in construction, because in Valheim there is only one slave – the player. However, you can tame boars and bullosaurs so that you always have something to eat and something to wear. Chopping trees and mining ore with just a rag on your hips won’t work for long.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

  • Where to play : Nintendo Switch, PC
  • Developer : Capcom, Marvelous

10 Best Games Similar to Palworld

All fans of Japanese RPGs, attention! If you like Palworld and the dozens of fires scattered throughout the map, then hold on to another gem – Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. Let’s say right away that the “master-slave” relationship model is not encouraged here; all tamed animals are friends. Capcom shouldn’t have hesitated to go beyond the limits – perhaps their game could have been in Palworld’s place.

You are a young monster hunter who, along with his feathered dinosaurs, travels through a universe full of dangers. Yes, instead of dead animals there are dinosaurs. Gather a team of reptiles to help you in battles and exploration.

Unlike Palworld, dinosaurs will not help in everyday life, only battles, only hardcore! Be prepared for constant training of your animals. The graphics in the game deserve special praise, and the plot is as addictive as your favorite TV series. However, Capcom are good at this, we don’t expect anything else from them. Playing on Nintendo or PC, what are you waiting for?

Slime Rancher Series

  • Where to play : PC , consoles
  • Developer : Monomi Park

10 Best Games Similar to Palworld

If your favorite thing about Palworld was collecting and breeding creatures, then Slime Rancher is your next stop. We especially recommend that after a busy day, you go to your slime farm to build a pen pond for a water slime or cross a meow slime with a phosphorus slime. Cheaper than going to a psychologist: like meditation, but better.

In Slime Rancher, your job is to manage a slime farm. Sounds easier than it sounds! Let’s see what you will do when the slimes turn into cannibals and eat all the inhabitants of the farm. Although they look like oil, don’t be fooled – these are killers. But basically, you need to upgrade your equipment, collect slimes, crossbreed them, and make money by selling the pebbles they poop with.

Each slime is unique. There are water, fire, honey and even radioactive ones! Moreover, as in Palworld, it is important to choose the right strategy for maintaining them so that your farm prospers.

Cult of the Lamb

  • Where to play : PC , consoles
  • Developer : Massive Monster

If you like the sandbox in Palworld, but lacked mysticism, sectarianism and the ability to link adult gadgets to damage in dungeons , please close the page and quickly run to play Cult of the Lamb .

It all starts harmlessly, you are a cute lamb who has been resurrected to lead a cult for the glory of dark forces. It turns out that he is a sectarian in sheep’s clothing. As in Palworld, you will find units, invite them to your settlement, load them with work, and in return feed, love and read sermons.


  • Where to play : PC , consoles, mobile devices
  • Developer : Mojang Studios

Did Palworld impress with its open world? Then there’s a chance that Minecraft will blow your mind with its endlessly generated map. Villagers can replace your pals, you can only trade with them, but together it’s not so lonely and it’s warmer on cold Minecraft nights.

Block by block you will create your settlement, improve your weapons and armor, and ultimately defeat the main boss – the Ender dragon. You can install a mod for Pokemon and firearms – you will get a version of Palworld that is less demanding on hardware.


  • Where to play : PC , consoles
  • Developer : Facepunch Studios

Prepper is known for its brutal and unpredictable world, where the rule is “hunt or be prey.” Rust can be called a more realistic and gritty version of Palworld.

In both games, gamers learn to survive in an open world where danger lurks under every toy and branch. The main goal is to extract resources and build a shelter so as not to go to the next world. Rust has a rough start: you find yourself in a PvP world with minimal resources, in a very vulnerable position!

The game has interesting mechanics with transport, you can build boats and hot air balloons, and explore the world by swimming and up! Reminiscent of the exploration system in Palworld, where traveling long distances is not complete without pal-mounts.


  • Where to play : PC
  • Developer : Redbeet Interactive

Palworld on the water with sharks, survival with crafting – all this is about Raft. The game begins on a piece of wood in the ocean and with a small supply of tools. You will have to collect sea debris to survive and expand your raft to a huge base.

The task before the player is not easy – not only not to die, but also to create his environment where he has to survive. Fighting hunger, thirst, and sharks adds adrenaline.

Raft is reminiscent of Palworld in its freedom to explore and build. You can build a unique raft, furnish it, and even grow vegetables and fruits. Only in this game, every piece of garbage that floats by is a chance to improve your life.

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