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Top 25 best quests and puzzles Games on Android

Sometimes it is useful to tense your brain because it is not time to relax it. Some people choose programs for smart people, some delve into some hobby, and some download puzzle games to their phones. We’ll talk about the latter. Top 25 best quests and puzzles Games on Android

Mobile gaming is developing by leaps and bounds. In stores, you can see new worthy projects almost every day that can drag you on for several hours. Among them are simulators, horror, and puzzle games. Since we need to keep our brains busy, we’ll look at the 25 best puzzles for Android.

Royal Match

Top 25 best quests and puzzles Games on Android

Our top game opens with the title Royal Match. If you are a match-3 fan, then this project is definitely for you. As expected, you will have to think before making the next combination. The higher the level, the more difficult it will be to pass it. Match three puzzles on Android only seem simple.

Here you will find thousands of levels, nice graphics, difficult moments, and competitions with other players. And all this to earn coins and help the ruler decorate his castle. Or you can choose another goal for yourself, for example, to lead the top players and show who is boss. Truly royal fun that lasts for more than one hour.

Puzzle Game

Top 25 best quests and puzzles Games on Android

Many of you probably remember cozy evenings spent playing Tetris. How nice it was to put small figures into one large structure so that it gradually disappears. The full line was not saved, but removed. This was the point of the game: not to let her complete the virtual construction, otherwise it’s game over!

Today, Tetris as gadgets is not so relevant, but mobile phones are relevant, among which there is a painfully familiar game. Now it is called Puzzle Game, but its principle remains the same. Think about how to arrange the falling shapes to create a line without empty space. In addition to Tetris, you can choose other toys that are available in the application, for example, bubble shooter, where you will have to shoot multi-colored balls from a cannon into balls of the same color.

Thief Puzzle: to pass a level

Top 25 best quests and puzzles Games on Android

The best puzzles on Android cannot be done without a project like Thief Puzzle: to pass a level. As the title already implies, you will be in the role of a thief who will have to solve various riddles to steal valuable things.

The further you climb in the thief’s career, the more difficult new puzzles will become. The challenges will force you to torture your brain to complete the task. And the main task is theft. At each level, there will be a specific item that needs to be stolen.

If you’re ready to challenge yourself and see how clever you can be, then Thief Puzzle: to pass a level is worth adding to your collection.

Minesweeper GO

Top 25 best quests and puzzles Games on Android

If you don’t want to get out of the nostalgic state after playing Tetris, then we can extend it for you. Or rather, not us, but also a familiar game to many called Minesweeper GO.

The rules may be familiar now, but in the past, we acted at random. My brain and body were tense to the limit because of the puzzle, sweat was flowing in streams, and my finger trembled every time after pressed the mouse because at any moment a mine could be caught and ruin the entire skating rink. Do you miss these feelings? Then you should download this project.

If you are familiar with the principle of the game, then try to forget about it and act, trusting your intuition. It will be interesting to test its strength… as well as your nerves, which can fail at any moment due to a mine.

Sherlock: Hidden Objects

Top 25 best quests and puzzles Games on Android

Phone puzzles cannot be done without searching for objects. In such games, you need to look for things that are required by the quest. On the one hand, everything sounds easy and simple, but on the other hand, it strains not only the brain but also the eyes. Artists try to draw this or that object so that it blends in with the surroundings as much as possible, like a chameleon.

There is a story in Sherlock: the plots of the books suddenly begin to change, here the antagonists defeat the protagonists. Naturally, this cannot be left, so Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson are making every effort to fix it. And you will help them.

In addition to searching for things, you will find the classic “three in a row” here, which dilutes the gameplay. You need to go through all the tests to get to the truth.

Notes of a Seeker

Top 25 best quests and puzzles Games on Android

If you want to search for objects, play match three, and test your memory, then you don’t need to install 10 applications at once. All you have to do is download “Notes of a Seeker” to fully immerse yourself in the world of diverse, exciting puzzles.

What you have to do:

  • look for clues, that is, well-hidden objects in a chaotic environment;
  • pass “three in a row”;
  • strain your eyesight and bring the phone almost to your nose to find differences in the pictures;
  • scare away monsters using found weapons;
  • exploration of picturesque locations;
  • collecting collections and gameplay in the guild.

Agree, the game is quite rich in content, which is also regularly updated, so you definitely won’t be bored.

Jail break

Top 25 best quests and puzzles Games on Android

So, here you need to… escape from prison. How unexpected! However, this will not be so easy, because you will need intelligence and resourcefulness at maximum speed to solve all the puzzles along the way.

There will be several levels available. You will start from the Alcatraz detention center, but as soon as you can escape from there, other levels will await you. And each of them requires connecting logic.

The game is exciting and interesting, you will face difficult challenges to gain freedom.

The House of Da Vinci

Cost : 1.64$

Download : Google Play 

Top 25 best quests and puzzles Games on Android

Here is a 3D puzzle game that is in the top 10 on Google Play among puzzles. When you download and play The House of Da Vinci for the first time, you’ll immediately be immersed in a Renaissance-era atmosphere with mechanical puzzles based on Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions, hidden object puzzles, and more.

In the story, you play as Da Vinci’s student, who suddenly disappears. Of course, you don’t know where he is or what’s wrong with him, but you have to find out. This will be the start of your unforgettable and incredibly interesting adventures, which are filled with various mysteries because the teacher’s workshop is filled with his ingenious and strange inventions.

And you will get to the truth. But you have a long and difficult path ahead, but an incredibly interesting one, because difficulties only harden gamers.

Nobodies: Killer Cleaner

Top 25 best quests and puzzles Games on Android

Well, we move from the Renaissance to being a murderer’s cleaner. Quite a sharp jump, isn’t it? But someone has to cover up the traces of the crime and clean up the mess. It is you who have this honor because in this game you play the role of a “cleaner” of a secret state anti-terrorist organization.

Nobodies: Killer Cleaner is a quest-mystery in which you cannot turn off your brains and logic, otherwise the passage will seem difficult. No one should find evidence after employers who are fighting one criminal organization, destroying its members. Your help in this matter is invaluable.

Several missions await you, where you need to use resourcefulness and intelligence, and several options for solving problems that will definitely affect further events, so be careful and careful.

Energy: Anti-Stress Loops

Top 25 best quests and puzzles Games on Android

Are you tired of stress and don’t want to leave it alone? This problem can be solved even with the help of puzzle games that are made for relaxation and calm gameplay. You have to turn the hinges correctly to make them connect. The wires will start to shine if there are no errors.

Players speak positively about the game, saying that it helps them cope with anxiety. You don’t need to get stuck into it for hours; it’s enough to complete a couple of levels a day to feel calm. Another advantage is that, compared to similar projects, it is lighter, so the brain will not have time to smoke from overload.

Linea: a play of inner light

Top 25 best quests and puzzles Games on Android

Another anti-stress project that will be useful after a busy day at work. Your task is to draw a line of light and connect the puzzle pieces. With the appearance of additional goals, this task will become more complicated, so you won’t be able to just get stuck without straining your brain.

This game asks you to follow the flow of light and help the characters complete their story. Each of them will be unique and interesting. As soon as you solve the puzzle, a new line of dialogue will immediately open up for you, developing the plot.

The good thing about the project is that there is variety because each story offers new locations, characters, and dialogues. Quite a cute game with addictive gameplay.

Love is in the little things

Top 25 best quests and puzzles Games on Android

This is an unusual, but incredibly beautiful art game. Here you will again have to search for objects, but you will become so immersed in the atmosphere that the entire gameplay will fly by for you unnoticed behind the beautiful design. By solving puzzles, you will gradually collect a collection of wallpapers, which you can then install on your phone’s desktop.

In addition to searching, you can feel like an artist while coloring. A total of 30 chapters and 300 levels will be available, where you will have to look at various works of art and look for hidden images. These can be hearts or numbers. You will also find animated clips for each chapter.

Do you want to relax and please your inner esthete? Then add “Love in the Little Things” to your game collection.


Top 25 best quests and puzzles Games on Android

You will have access to 50 levels where you need to make the Android screen completely black. The task is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. You will have to think carefully about each level to complete it.

The bottom line is that each level consists of black-and-white shapes, patterns, or objects. You need to perform certain actions so that all the white spaces become black. If you think for a long time, the game will not turn off but will provide a hint so that you do not suffer too much. But it’s still more interesting to use logic rather than hints.

BLUK – Physics Adventure

Next in our selection is a physical platformer where you will travel through different worlds. As you go further and further, you will discover new abilities to overcome difficulties.

You need to cover the distance by planning the trajectory, and for this, you will have to think. Just swipe your finger to draw a path, and then release it to make a jump.

Bluk has a beginning and an end, but the game has an endless mode if you don’t want to leave this interesting and exciting world.

Alchemy – Mix and discover!

Perhaps you once wanted to pursue a career as an alchemist. Reality won’t let you do this, but you can mix different elements in a puzzle game. You need to play as an aspiring alchemist student, whose teacher was able to harness fire, water, earth, and air.

The point of the game is to discover all the recipes for learning all the alchemical secrets. This is fun gameplay because connecting multiple elements will lead to interesting results. And you need to play a lot because the project contains more than 500 recipes. Are you ready to break your head and create something new?

Tiny Room Stories Town Mystery

Here you have to try on the role of a private detective who goes to a city called Redcliffe after receiving a letter from his father.

Suddenly you notice that there is no one in the city, and your father has disappeared somewhere. What happened there? You will need to find out by exploring different locations, finding clues, solving puzzles, and opening locks. In addition, unexpected plot twists will await you, so be prepared for anything. An excellent quest for Android that will drag you on for a long time.

Meow Tower: Nonogram

And now let’s move on to cute cats, which you can’t look at without a touching smile. If you like to puzzle over Japanese crosswords, then this game will suit you.

In addition to Japanese crossword puzzles, you can expect small dialogues with cats and decorating their Meow Tower, where they live. You can also unravel the secrets of the fluffies if you make friends with them. By downloading Meow Tower: Nonogram, you will receive a huge portion of mi-mi-mi and interesting content.

Illusion of appearance

Cost : 1.97$

Download : Google Play 

If you miss searching for objects and an interesting plot, then the Illusion of Appearance will help you cope with this feeling. The game will take you to Paris in the 19th century, where a journalist will witness the kidnapping of a theater star.

An illusionist who previously disappeared mysteriously becomes a suspect. The main character, together with her assistant, needs to investigate this case and find out everything. In addition to searching for objects and an exciting plot, exciting mini-games await you, where you will also have to stretch your brains. The atmosphere, graphics, plot, and challenging puzzles – all this can attract puzzle lovers in Illusions of Appearance.

Car Out parking!

A game for those who love cars and parking. Here you will find real road chaos in which you need to skillfully maneuver. You will have to use strategic thinking to avoid getting stuck in traffic jams at rush hour.

To achieve this goal, you need to click on the cars, after which the path will begin to clear. But you’ll have to think quickly. In addition, the application has other car games that will train your memory.

Levels of varying difficulty, puzzles, pleasant tension from the gameplay – Car Out parking has it all!


The best quests and puzzles on Android cannot be done without the familiar and beloved 2248. This is a sticky toy with simple rules: you need to connect numbers to get a total of 2248.

This is not so easy to do, because you need to be able to count and calculate. If there are no already available combinations, then Game Over! This is where the difficulty lies. But what gamer is afraid of them? On the contrary, you need to challenge and test yourself and your brainpower!

Cross Math

A challenging math puzzle that will challenge your brain. The game starts with simple tasks, but the further you progress, the more difficult the tasks will become.

You will have to use all your knowledge in mathematics, because at higher levels there will be complex multiplication and division. The game also includes daily challenges to keep you on your toes.

Detective: Quest Escape from House

Quests for Android go well with other genres, such as horror. You will play as a detective who will have to solve riddles and look for objects in order to find a maniac who has committed many terrible murders. In addition to searching for the killer, you will have one more task – to escape by opening the treasured door. True, you will need to think about it to understand how to open this very door.

You will feel like a real Sherlock, because your deduction and logic skills will definitely come in handy. Each new level will be more difficult than the previous one, so you won’t be able to relax. The killer is not asleep, and you need to catch him and save yourself and other people. In addition, the main character will have a motivation – revenge for his best friend, who was killed by this maniac.

Expect location exploration, various puzzles, traps from a criminal and much more. The game is perfect for killing time.

The Office Quest

This game is intended for those who are bored in the office and want to “cool off” a little with a mobile toy. Yes, quest games on Android can be relaxing, especially during work breaks.

The controls of The Office Quest are extremely simple – you just need to tap on the screen for the action to happen. To be free, you need to use your mind and logic. Look for the red light, using every opportunity to get out of the most boring darkness called “The Office”.

You will have to resort to deceiving your colleagues and boss, but it will even be fun. There are 4 chapters in total, and each of them contains interesting riddles. Remember, you need to sneak away unnoticed. Can you handle it?

That Level Again

When you turn on this game, you will get the feeling that the levels are practically no different from each other. Well, this feeling does not deceive you, because the whole concept of That Level Again is built on the fact that the levels are similar, but their passage is not.
You will find yourself in a room with only a door, spikes, platforms, and a button. Everything seems so simple, but is it so? The game has its subtleties that will make your brain strain in search of a solution.
You will find 96 levels and the same number of playthroughs, as well as an immortal main character who will certainly be resurrected upon death.

Tiny Bang Theory

Our selection ends with a game called Tiny Explosion Theory. Here you have to look for objects again. Events take place on a Tiny planet that has suffered a catastrophe: there was a small explosion caused by an asteroid. And this planet was divided into more than a few parts.

In the game, in addition to nice graphics, you will find interesting puzzles and logical tasks for attentiveness.

We have listed 25 puzzle games for Android that will captivate you with their gameplay and make you sweat with brainstorming. If you want to keep your mind busy, but still stay on a comfortable sofa, then you should download something from our selection!

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