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Which PS5 is better to buy in 2024

When a new console goes on sale, there’s usually a single model available first, with upgraded models coming out only years later. 2020 saw a break from historical practice as Microsoft and Sony submitted multiple plans. These are the Xbox Series X and S in the first instance, which differ greatly in terms of both hardware and design. Which PS5 is better to buy in 2024 

Choosing a different path, Sony produced two nearly similar models: one with a drive and the other without. But Slim variants took the place of the prior series in 2023. We will explain the key distinctions between the old and new versions so you can make an informed decision, as there are still many of both on the market. Which PS5 is better to buy in 2024

What PS5 models are available on the market?

As previously mentioned, the PS5 comes in four flavors: standard, Digital Edition (which lacks a disc drive), PS5 Slim, and PS5 Slim, which took their place without a drive. All consoles that are sold in stores are parallel imports, as Sony withdrew from the Russian market. Additionally, no one revoked their purchase from private traders on Avito.

Which PS5 is better to buy in 2024

As a result, the costs of any of the four types vary greatly. A console may cost $40,000 in one location and $60,000 in another. The device’s region has an impact on the cost as well. Because the PS5 is omnivorous, purchasing the Japanese version won’t stop discs from being released in Europe or America. 

The design of the box and the network cable are the only things that change; you will need to purchase an adapter or replace the cable with one that fits our sockets. Not more than a few hundred rubles, please. Thus, you should consider warranty service difficulties as well as the seller’s or store’s reputation while making a purchase.

And a single instant. The PS5 has undergone multiple modifications (not to be confused with models), which vary in terms of cooling system and power usage. As a result, there is very little difference in the volume of certain consoles from others, whether they are slightly louder or quieter. Since they are all fairly dependable, you can therefore confidently accept any revision. 

Differences between models

With first-generation devices, everything is clear – you buy a console with or without a drive. In the second case, you can save money, but we do not recommend doing this. PS5 games are not cheap, and the disc can always be sold or traded to pay less for a new release later. In the case of the Digital Edition, you will have to be content with only “digital”. Which, as we all know, has not been sold in the Russian Federation since 2022. 

Nevertheless, a fast fix for the problem was discovered: opening a new account abroad and buying payment cards. or the games themselves via middlemen. However, keep in mind the commission and recurring price hikes at this point. Sony “adjusts” rates from time to time since it knows that players from other countries, including Russia, save money. 

Therefore, it is better not to regret the extra 5-6 thousand rubles (the average cost of a new product for the PlayStation 5) and buy the version with a disk drive.

Now let’s move on to another question – should I buy the old version or a more compact one? The processor, graphics chip, and amount of RAM have not changed, so games work the same. At the same time, the Slim version has noticeably slimmer and become a little noisier due to the new arrangement of parts. However, the difference is a few decibels, so you don’t even have to worry about it.

Another difference lies in the additional space on the SSD drive. 848 GB are now available for data storage versus the previous 667 GB for the “fat models”. And the Slim does not come with a vertical stand. Well, Sony couldn’t help but save on at least something. The console, of course, can be placed without it, but it will stand unsteadily. 

If you have children and (or) animals and you are afraid for the safety of the device, you will have to place it horizontally. True, finding it on Russian marketplaces is almost impossible. As well as a removable drive for the Digital version of the “slimy. Long live the upgrade – now you can buy an external drive if you change your mind about using only “digital” drives. 

So which PS5 should you choose in the end?

Many did not like the design of the updated PS5. It was considered cheaper and less sophisticated. But let’s take subjectivity out of the equation. Still, the original console turned out to be quite bulky, and the difference with the Slim version is obvious. In addition, additional space on the SSD drive will not be superfluous, keeping in mind how much space AAA games take up on average. 

Refusing the drive is likewise a very foolish move. As a result, the PS5 Slim with a drive is our selection. To conserve space and extra gigabytes, exchanging or reselling is not worth the trouble—that is unless you don’t have a “fat one.”

The PS5 Pro, which is anticipated to be on sale in the fall of 2024is the one “but. Although the console hasn’t been formally unveileda ton of reliable insider information may be found online. It could therefore be wiser to hold off until the Pro version is announced if you can wait six months or even a year. The decision of whether to overspend or restrict yourself to being “slim” will then become evident. Which PS5 is better to buy in 2024

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