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How to clean the speaker on iPhone

Inadequate audio output from your phone’s speakers might disrupt talks in addition to degrading your experience when watching videos or listening to music. Usually, this is because of accumulated dust and other debris, but occasionally, loose connections could be the cause. Additionally, only a phone repair expert can assist you in the second situation. How to clean the speaker on iPhone

And we’ll talk below about how to clean the speaker on your iPhone from dust and water using improvised means.

How to clean a speaker

To begin with, if there is a problem with your speaker, you may notice that sound is somehow misheard when music or videos are playing. Even with a strong signal, the interlocutor may become difficult to hear during a conversation, the loudness may drop, and there may be cracking wheezing, or other unnecessary noise. This could be caused by minute particles of dust, water, or other material getting inside, or it could be an issue with the contacts inside the device.

How to clean the speaker on iPhone

If exposed to water

With IP68 protection, Apple’s latest smartphone models allow you to take amazing underwater films and submerge them in the water without any issues. If you own a new model, all you need to do after an impromptu swim is pat dry your iPhone, as long as you don’t abuse the water processes. However, owners of earlier models and those who took their smartphones in for repairs ought to exercise extra caution, as the protection on those devices is poorer, if not nonexistent.

How to clean the speaker on iPhone

So, if you dropped your iPhone in water and are not sure that it will work normally, you need to take the following steps:

Turn off your smartphone and remove the SIM card and memory card from it; Shake off any drops of water and remove any remaining residue with a dry, soft cloth; Dry the smartphone in a dry, ventilated area for 24-48 hours (do not put it in rice or use a hair dryer).

Turn the smartphone on gently and make sure it works properly after it has dried entirely. Use the unique app Water Eject ~ Speaker Cleaner, available from the AppStore, if the speakers are making noise. Follow the program’s instructions and turn the speaker volume up. The program will force any remaining water and debris out of the speakers so you may clean them with a cotton swab or napkin.

Using sound

The suggested technique for cleaning your smartphone’s speakers is sound cleaning. Simultaneously, you may search for “sounds for clearing the speaker” on Google or find pre-made applications in the App Store; just follow the instructions.

How to clean the speaker on iPhone

Whatever method you choose to clean your iPhone speaker using sound, there are always a few recommendations:

  • Set the volume to maximum;
  • Place the smartphone vertically, but do not cover the bottom speaker (hold it in your hand);
  • Use different combinations of sounds to alternate vibrations.


A few apps that will help you remove all the extra dust from your device have been compiled by us. They’re all accessible for free download on the App Store.

A straightforward application called Sonic Ⓥ can generate sound at various intensities, including ultrasound up to 25 Hz. To use, simply move your finger across the screen to produce various noises.

How to clean the speaker on iPhone

Water Eject ~ Speaker Cleaner , which we talked about above, is also suitable for cleaning speakers from dust. You can set the sound power and alternate between different tones. The power can reach up to 150 Hz.

How to clean the speaker on iPhone

Clean Tune is another specialized application. You set the hertz and decibels, and just wait until all the dust and water fly out of your device.

How to clean the speaker on iPhone

Now let’s use the Sonic Pitch Sound Generator to complete the selection. Although this isn’t specifically designed to clean smartphones, the program can repel insects and emit sounds up to 25,000 Hz. essential to nature.

How to clean the speaker on iPhone

Manual cleaning

Top speaker

The overhead speaker is made of a very simple design, which also makes it brittle. A metal grille or simple mesh covers the membrane, and it can flex. Thus, you should go cautiously and avoid expending needless effort.

You can remove dust using a soft toothbrush or a special thick brush for cleaning gadgets. The main thing is that the bristles are clean and dry. Place your iPhone on a flat surface on its side and gently swipe the brush or brush from top to bottom several times. Remove any remaining dirt and turn the smartphone over to the other side, repeating the manipulations.

After that, you may verify the sound quality and test the speaker with the apps we discussed earlier.

Bottom speaker

You have to take a somewhat different approach while using the lower speaker. The problem is that the device’s body, which contains several holes for sound output, protects it in addition to the mesh. A toothpick or a thin plastic needle, as well as a toothbrush or thick brush, are also required in this situation. Avoiding the use of metal needles or pins is crucial.

Light up the speaker with a lamp or another smartphone’s flash, then gently brush it in a circular motion. Next, use a toothpick or plastic needle to extract dust from each hole. A soft cloth can be used to remove any remaining dust, which can be removed with a loud noise.

What else can you use?

You can utilize alternative methods if you don’t have a soft brush or toothbrush on hand. The most important thing is to proceed with extreme caution and, if you are unsure of your skills, get in touch with the provider.

Other cleaning tools:

  • Mini vacuum cleaner for equipment – you can break up large pieces of dust and debris with a toothpick, and then use a vacuum cleaner;
  • Chewing gum is a “travel” option, blot the gum with a napkin and carefully stick it to the speaker, but be careful not to push it too deep.

  • Scotch tape – it is better to use masking tape. Stick to the speaker, ironing it thoroughly, and quickly remove it to remove dust. Can also be used in conjunction with audio punching applications.
  • Watch Cleaning Putty – Works the same as chewing gum, just apply carefully and remove with dust.

We have included all of the techniques for doing your speaker cleaning on one page. Keep in mind how crucial it is that you avoid damaging the phone’s membrane and pushing dust further inside. If something goes wrong, you will need to bring the gadget in for repair. There is just one option left, which is to visit a service center if clearing the area of dust and water does not resolve the sound issues. How to clean the speaker on iPhone

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