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Why does the iPhone get hot?

Modern smartphones are compact, high-performance devices that generate a lot of heat. But sometimes, the gadget gets too hot. What does this mean, and how can I return the temperature to normal? We discuss it in this material. Why does the iPhone get hot?

What are the dangers of iPhone overheating?

Why does the iPhone get hot?

A decrease in productivity comes initially. Overheating is typically linked to an excessive amount of processor load. The most prevalent issue with contemporary mobile devices is throttling. This technique is referred to by this phrase, in which the clock speed automatically reduces after the CPU temperature reaches a level specified by the manufacturer. The smartphone starts to slow down as a result of a decrease in the processor’s processing resources. Let’s examine the most typical issues that cause iPhones to overheat.

High CPU load

Why does the iPhone get hot?

Games and applications that need a lot of resources can be the primary causes of CPU heating. It is not difficult to find instances. If you set the graphical settings to maximum, the identical Genshin Impact (available for PC, PlayStation, Android, and iOS) easily outperforms the iPhone 15 Pro. Contemporary


Check the number of open apps on your iPhone in the buffer. It’s recommended to make RAM space available on your smartphone so that it can focus on high-priority apps. You must close all application windows to accomplish this:

  1. Let’s unlock the iPhone.
  2. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen;
  3. We see before our eyes a list of applications used. They are all in a buffer;
  4. To close an application, you need to swipe it up from the bottom. We close the ones we need.

Battery problems

Why does the iPhone get hot?

The capacity of the battery decreases when it overheats permanently. The battery loses its characteristics and holds less energy on a full charge as a result, which causes the iPhone to drain more quickly and the battery’s overall resource usage to start decreasing.

The worst result is an enlarged battery, which can endanger the owner of the device as well as the device itself (causing internal components and case walls to get damaged). The drop in battery efficiency while linked to the network is another factor. Slower charging of the battery is possible.


Use original iPhone cables. Poor quality accessories can make charging your iPhone ineffective and generate excessive heat.

Poor internet connection quality

Why does the iPhone get hot?

The iPhone’s most resource-intensive operation is connecting to a cellular network. The device’s burden will, however, rise if you are in an area with a poor Internet connection. The CPU load is still very high if you notice that when utilizing 3G or LTE, pages are loading slowly on your iPhone.


If you are in an area with poor Internet coverage, we recommend turning off all notifications from instant messengers/mail/iMessage or turning off cellular data. This can be done in the iPhone settings.

Why does the iPhone get hot?

  1. Go to “Settings”;
  2. We are looking for the “Cellular Communications” tab;
  3. Turn off the toggle switch opposite the “Cellular Data” item.

iPhone is in hotspot mode

An iPhone can get very hot when used as a Wi-Fi hotspot since it uses a lot of battery and processor power. Your smartphone may overheat if you are playing a game or browsing the web at this time.


We advise against using your iPhone for other purposes if you plan to use it as a hotspot. Additionally, it is best to avoid charging it because doing so could cause the device to overheat. You can manually disable the hotspot if your family or friends are using your iPhone:

  1. Go to “Settings”;
  2. We are looking for the “Modem Mode” tab;
  3. Turn off the “Allow others” toggle switch.

Incorrect heat distribution

Overly thick cases can also lower your iPhone’s heat conductivity. If you enjoy playing contemporary mobile games, it can occasionally be preferable to plan gaming periods without a case. The CPU is literally under so much strain from the most resource-intensive projects that you can feel it with your fingertips. Why does the iPhone get hot?


After playing for five to ten minutes, look at your iPhone’s top back cover. This area may feel noticeably heated, which indicates that the game is taxing the smartphone’s CPU heavily. It is preferable to play without a case in certain situations.

Using background services and updates

Why does the iPhone get hot?

Even if you’re not on social media or using a cellular network, your iPhone can perform app updates in the background. With weak Internet coverage, these processes can also load the processor so much that the smartphone begins to slow down.


If you don’t want to completely disable the network on your phone, you can disable the apps themselves from running in the background. For this:

  1. Go to “Settings”;
  2. Select the “Basic” tab;
  3. We are looking for the item “Content Update”;
  4. Set the “Content Update” option to “Off”.

Did any of the above tips help you? Share your opinions in the comments. Why does the iPhone get hot?

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