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What to do if your WhatsApp is hacked

Living in the current world means dealing with messengers and technology on a regular basis. Today we’ll look at what to do in the event that WhatsApp has been compromised. How to handle a compromised WhatsApp account

How to tell if your account has been hacked

What to do if your WhatsApp is hacked

  • To take any action, you first need to make sure that the messenger was actually hacked by someone. So, if you notice the signs listed below, then it’s time to sound the alarm:
  • Changes message status to “Viewed”. If you have not opened this message before, then you should think about who did it.
  • Information about sessions that were not opened to you. This could be a notification on your lock screen.
  • If you notice that the time you last went online is later than the time you opened the messenger, then this is a clear sign that a third party is using your account.
  • New messages, chats, numbers that are unfamiliar to you. This is the work of scammers who, for example, send spam to your contacts.

If something like this happens, then proceed to saving your account without panic.

Steps to take when WhatsApp is hacked

What to do if your WhatsApp is hacked

The first step is to notify your family and friends about your account being hacked so that they do not succumb to the provocations and maneuvers of scammers.

Ending sessions

Then you need to end the suspicious sessions. Click on the three dots that are located at the top right and find “Paired devices.”

What to do if your WhatsApp is hacked

Next, select a session that is not relevant to you

What to do if your WhatsApp is hacked

Complete it by clicking on “Exit”.

What to do if your WhatsApp is hacked

Notifying technical support about the problem

After your sessions are over, get in touch with WhatsApp technical support. Experts will take steps to secure your account as soon as you notify that scammers have accessed it.

So, what do you need to do to contact technical support?

Click on the three dots again and tap on “Settings”.

What to do if your WhatsApp is hacked

A menu will appear on your screen where you need to find the “Help” section and go to it.

What to do if your WhatsApp is hacked

Next, click on the “Write to us” tab.

What to do if your WhatsApp is hacked

Describe your problem in detail so that specialists can help. After that, click on “Next” and “Send a question to WhatsApp support.”

You will receive a message from WhatsApp Support containing your case number and a notification that your case is being reviewed.

Deleting a messenger

We must indeed take this action. Your device will lose WhatsApp, but not permanently. Reentering your account is necessary to halt suspicious sessions. To install the application again and sign in to your account, you will need to remove it as there isn’t a sign-in or sign-out button.

An SMS or phone call to log in will be presented to you. Select the option that best fits your needs. If, before doing this, you would like to preserve your correspondence with them, don’t forget to create a backup copy.

But there is one caveat – waiting for a week. WhatsApp may ask for a two-factor authentication PIN. If you haven’t asked it before, it means that hackers did it. In this case, forget about the application for a week, because after this period it will reset the PIN code.

How to protect yourself from hacking

Don’t be lazy and install two-factor authentication to get started. You will occasionally need to enter your PIN to access WhatsApp. Go to “Settings” by using the three dots, select the “Account” tab, and then select “Two-factor verification” to enable this function. Make a PIN code of your own.

Don’t ever correspond with anyone you don’t know. When fraudsters attempt to access your account, the system will call or send you an SMS. The burglar may call or leave a message for you to obtain the access code at the same time. Never give information to people who seem suspicious.

Neglect any links you might come across in messages. Be cautious when changing your PIN. You might get an email with a link to reset two-factor verification. If you didn’t order it, don’t click on it. If you don’t, an attacker will take advantage of the situation and change your PIN.

Similar to links, avoid opening files that seem suspicious to you. If you do, malicious code will run and the attacker will be able to take funds from your bank account and steal your WhatsApp account in addition to stealing your bank account. In general, this will seriously damage your smartphone.

If you want media to open only after a command, then in the settings, find “Privacy” and then “Chats” to click on the “Media Visibility” switch there.

One or more of the suspicious strangers, including a burglar, might include you. You must select “Groups” from the “Privacy” menu after selecting “Settings” to stop this from happening. To join groups, set the circle of those who can do so.

Therefore, we examined the telltale symptoms that your WhatsApp account has been compromised in this article. Attend meetings, read any new correspondence, and so forth. Take all the actions we outlined above if you discover something that you did not accomplish. Above all, never click on links from strangers, much less those from media files. Ensure your safety!

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