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What is Palmstore and is it needed on Android?

Owners of Android smartphones can access Palmstore, an alternative Palm OS application store. We will walk you through the process of installing and using it on your smartphone in this article. What is Palmstore and is it needed on Android?

How to install Palmstore on Android

Palmstore is open source so anyone can download it. To install you need:

  • Download the application from the developer’s website or third-party resources. The first is preferable, since in this case you are not at risk of potentially infecting your device with a virus;
  • Enable installation of applications from unknown sources in the system settings.

What is Palmstore and is it needed on Android?

Palmstore functionality on Android

The interface and functionality are similar to both Google Play and other alternative stores. Let’s list the key points:

  • The main section is a general page with applications or news;
  • In games you can find entertainment software;
  • The applications contain programs that are more suitable for work than for entertainment;
  • A special point in the program is entertainment. When selected, users are redirected to a site that expands the capabilities of the utility.

It is possible to search by program names and set filters. To make Palmstore run faster, Android users can take advantage of the boost and cleanup features.

What is Palmstore and is it needed on Android?

How to remove Palmstore on Android

On certain smartphones, the Palmstore application comes pre-installed. It is quite unlikely that the store can be removed using OS tools in this situation. As a result, you will have to install the Easy Uninstaller tool, which needs administrator privileges to operate. Some models come pre-installed, but for others, you’ll need to root the device and all of its components.

You can manually uninstall Palmstore if you installed it yourself using the Android settings’ “Applications” section. What is Palmstore and is it needed on Android?

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