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Top 8 best offline translators

You may need to translate words, phrases, or complete texts when you travel, work, or study abroad. It’s great if you have access to the Internet, but if not, you should plan in case the network is unavailable. Certain apps function even when there is no network connection. These six free services translate text from screenshots, audio files, and images into another language and voice the phrases that are captured in them. Top 8 best offline translators

Google Translate

Top 8 best offline translators

One of the pioneers in translation, Google offers many translation options and covers up to 133 languages with its offline translator. You can take screenshots, point the camera at signs scan them, and enter text. Because it is offline, Google Translate can be used as a personal assistant anywhere in the world.

Just choose the desired language on the app and download the necessary language packs ahead of time. Polish, for instance. Check to see whether your phone has adequate free space if that doesn’t work.

Yandex translate

Top 8 best offline translators

It makes sense to discuss a rival immediately following Google. Up to 102 languages can be translated using this program. There are various translation modalities as well. Text can be typed, spoken, scanned, drawn, and pasted. You also need to reinstall the language libraries to work offline.

Microsoft Translator

Top 8 best offline translators

Without access to the Internet, a translator created “Mikey”. To utilize the network, you do not need to establish a connection. translates voice, text, pictures, and images of handwritten notes that are difficult to read. Approximately 50 languages are accessible offline as of the text’s composition, while the network is translating more than 90 languages. Speak into the app in real-time to have it interpret and explain your ideas to non-native speakers.

Apple’s Translate

  • built-in application

Top 8 best offline translators

Once more, Apple with an integrated service. On iPhones running iOS 14 and above, Apple’s Translate translates text, speech, and chats. Supports twelve languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Russian, and Arabic, and operates offline. Words and phrases can be translated by speaking into the microphone or by entering them into the keyboard.

You can record the conversation between these foreigners as you play the game “I wonder what these foreigners are discussing nearby” and receive a translation. You can converse “in real time” with a natural speaker of a different language by using the “Face to Face” option. The translation will be spoken and shown on the screen by the application.

Papago and Waygo

Specialized programs will be useful if you want to translate content from Asian languages. Function without being connected to a network Two: Waygo and Papago. They will assist you in reading items in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other languages, as well as menus, signs, instructions, and other languages. The interface of the Waygo and Papago apps is in English.


Top 8 best offline translators

Thirteen Asian languages are translated by the South Korean service Papago. Russian, French, Spanish, and English as a present for change. The Papago app or website offers text, audio, image, and web page translation.

You can utilize a phrasebook, a dictionary, and the “Smart Chat” feature, which lets you have a conversation with someone. Papago makes translations accurate and natural by using neural networks.


Asian languages are hard for translator programs to identify, especially in images. Waygo specializes in translating menus into Chinese, Japanese, and Korean for eateries and cafes. converts to English. Functions without the Internet: take a picture of the menu using your camera, and the app will start to identify the characters and provide an automated translation. Simply aim the camera at the text, and the translation will show up on the screen right away. The translation can be spoken aloud.

Waygo is a recommended app by travelers to help you better comprehend what to order at Asian cafés. It is best to confirm the ingredients before placing an order if you have a seafood, caviar, shrimp, or crayfish allergy.

SayHi and DeepL

These apps don’t work offline, but they’re worth mentioning.


Top 8 best offline translators

SayHi is an app that translates speech into another language instantaneously. The other individual and you can communicate in two distinct languages and comprehend one another. supports a hundred and one languages and dialects, encompassing Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and English.

You can translate words and phrases by speaking into the microphone or using the camera.

The way it operates is that the program “records” your speech when you talk in your native tongue and sends it to the server, where it is transformed into text and translated into another language. After that, the output is transmitted back to your device, where voice synthesis is used to produce spoken words.

You don’t have to waste time waiting for a transfer because everything happens virtually instantly. With its strong technologies, SayHi requires a network in order to function.


Artificial intelligence is used by the online translation service to account for jargon and tone in the final product. DeepL can speak 26 languages, ranging from Chinese to Russian. The integrated dictionary, which provides synonyms and alternate sentence patterns, allows you to adjust the translation. works swiftly and safely, encrypting every bit of data.

Even though DeepL can only be used from within the network, it is still regarded as the greatest translator. accurately and concisely translates meaning in addition to words while accounting for dialectal and contextual quirks. A free mode is available, and the UI is easy to use and always being enhanced.

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