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Top 10 Best VR Games on Android

Every year, VR gadgets become more widely available, and Android users can also experience virtual reality. Thankfully, developers publish a lot of these projects. And we’ve compiled a list of the top ten to make it simpler for you to browse them. Top 10 Best VR Games on Android

Eclipse: Edge of Light

  • Release date : April 17, 2017
  • Developer : White Elk LLC
  • Download

Top 10 Best VR Games on Android

Eclipse: Edge of Light welcomes players with an unexpected artifact and an emergency landing on an unidentified planet. He’ll have to learn about this place’s sinister background while also figuring out what caused the tragedy.

Virtual reality technologies make investigating ancient ruins an exciting experience. The hero can climb into tight spots because he is equipped with a jetpack and spacesuit. He will face challenging—and occasionally highly entertaining—examinations there.

Whispering Eons

  • Release date : November 25, 2018
  • Developer : MiCk Software
  • Download

Top 10 Best VR Games on Android

VR headsets are great for futuristic adventures. Whispering Eons is set in a high-tech future. Alas, it is not nearly as bright as it seems at first glance.

This is a traditional detective adventure with lots of interactive riddles in terms of gameplay. Virtual reality offered a thorough immersion in the procedure. Naturally, the main character will have to interact with things and other characters for a considerable amount of time. Not to be overlooked is the fantastic soundtrack.


  • Release date : March 1, 2022
  • Developer : Otherworld Interactive
  • Download

Top 10 Best VR Games on Android

Horror and virtual reality are simply made for each other, and Sisters is considered one of the best VR horror films. The project pleases with simple controls, excellent visual effects, and high-quality sound. Together they create an oppressive and frightening atmosphere that can evoke a feeling of chilling fear.

The authors have created an interesting interactive journey into a mysterious abandoned mansion, where, of course, someone is clearly against your presence. Gamers will have to unravel a tangle of mysteries and secrets, trying to keep their minds in order.

Gravity Pull

  • Release date : August 24, 2016
  • Developer : VRMersive
  • Download

Top 10 Best VR Games on Android

Gravity Pull is a fun puzzle game that takes full advantage of VR. The developers have proposed about two dozen different spatial puzzles that can be solved by interacting with objects and switches. Knowledge of the laws of physics, such as gravity, will also come in handy. To find answers, sometimes it is worth looking at the level from an unusual angle.

The project is also notable for its sophisticated controls, which allow you to calmly wander around the location by walking on the spot in the real world. To find a way out of the room, users will have to not only think with their heads but also actively move. Sometimes even run. Therefore, you should take care in advance of the availability of free space in the location where you are going to play.

InMind VR 2

  • Release date : February 17, 2017
  • Developer : Luden.io
  • Download

Top 10 Best VR Games on Android

With the help of VR games you can not only have fun, but also learn. InMind VR 2 will help with this, combining elements of action, arcade and strategy. Such an intricate “cocktail” can easily improve attentiveness, concentration and the ability to make the right decisions in difficult situations.

In addition, it contains a lot of useful information about the structure of the brain, the neural system and the biochemical nature of human emotions. The authors also touch on the topic of growing up and the influence of emotions on this process. And all this is told in understandable language. The case when both parents are happy and children have fun.

VR Temple Roller Coaster

  • Release date : April 4, 2017
  • Developer : Rabbit Mountain
  • Download

Top 10 Best VR Games on Android

In this simulator, players will experience dizzying roller coaster rides. Moreover, users practically do not need to do anything themselves. The main thing is to sit back and go on an adventure in an ancient temple. There, users will find high-speed turns, sudden accelerations, sharp ups and downs, and many other terrible surprises.

Despite its considerable age, VR Temple Roller Coaster still boasts decent graphics. The game also indulges in a variety of settings: ancient temples, mysterious underground villages, and even an underwater level. All this gives a huge flow of bright emotions, after which it will be difficult to stand on your feet.


  • Release date : September 4, 2015
  • Developer : Luden.io
  • Download

Top 10 Best VR Games on Android

InCell is a rather unusual obstacle race, notable for its psychedelic surroundings. The action takes place in the microcosm inside the cells of the human body. What can be seen under a microscope in reality will appear before the player in its full glory here. However, during high-speed races you should not let your guard down, since an accidental obstacle can result in an unfortunate defeat.

This is a bright and very dynamic game with a constantly changing environment. Despite the very nice graphics, InCell does not require a powerful device.

VR Fantasy

  • Release date : March 31, 2016
  • Developer : Chibig
  • Download

VR Fantasy is a fantasy adventure game that takes gamers to explore dark dungeons. This is a simplified RPG, but in virtual reality. Here you can find unique weapons and fight a variety of opponents – from giant spiders to thorny flowers.

VR Fantasy, of course, will not provide you with a complex leveling system and content for 200 hours. But it contains simple puzzles and battles with huge bosses. In general, a great gift for fans of fantasy and virtual reality.

Minos Starfighter

  • Release date : February 1, 2018
  • Developer : Orange Bridge Studios
  • Download

Minos Starfighter is a futuristic arcade first-person shooter with cool graphics. In combination, this is another project in which we will explore the expanses of space and participate in dizzying, spectacular battles.

The action doesn’t stop for a second, and the waves of enemies become more and more difficult each time. The only “but” is that the game works exclusively with the Google Cardboard headset.

Acron: Attack of the Squirrels

  • Release date : August 29, 2019
  • Developed by : Resolution Games
  • Download

The key features of Acron: Attack of the Squirrels are cross-platform and eight-player co-op. Seven of them start a project on their smartphones or tablets, turn into squirrels, and try to steal acorns from a tree. The remaining gamer puts on a VR headset and becomes the very tree fighting off the attackers.

You will have to throw various projectiles and throw small rodents as far as possible. Playing for both sides is extremely interesting, although VR, as expected, enhances the immersion effect significantly. This is especially true for moments when the difference in size between the characters is felt. All this guarantees an unprecedented level of fun and gives a unique experience.

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