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Top 10 best racing games on Android

The excitement of the chase, the animalistic roar of engines and the indescribable atmosphere of competition – that’s why we adore the racing genre. These games are so addicting that you can get lost in time. For fans of simulators of intense driving in circles, we have collected games about cars for Android. Top 10 best racing games on Android

Top 10 best racing games on Android

Need for Speed:NL

Top 10 best racing games on Android

It’s probably worth starting with the fathers who popularized the genre. Namely, the Need For Speed ​​series of games. Their games have long been established on playmarkets and you can play them anywhere. Carry out spectacular races along extreme tracks, enjoying breakthrough graphics and driving music.

Top performers such as A$AP Rocky take part in special events in the game. He will help you tune your car from a basic car into a fashionable baby who is not ashamed to show off in front of the gang.

Real Racing 3

Top 10 best racing games on Android

Another racing game from EA. This time the game horses are not tuned cars from the underground. Here you will drive real racing cars in official competitions. In the game you can try more than 45 brands of luxury cars, such as:

  • Lamborghini;
  • Porsche; Bugatti;
  • Dodge;
  • Audi.

You can fight in the speed race on official licensed tracks, such as:

  • Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca;
  • Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps;
  • Silverstone;
  • Hockenheimring and many others.

Music Racer

Top 10 best racing games on Android

An unusual music simulator, but the main mechanics here remain racing. In this game, your route depends on your musical taste, oddly enough. The game takes the track you downloaded and, based on its tempo, rhythm, melody and other indicators, creates an individual track for you.

On Google Play, players note the visual richness of the game: the abundance of special effects, the flow of the track during races. If you are a music lover and don’t want to give up listening to your favorite tracks during the race, then this option is for you!

Gear.Club – True Racing

Top 10 best racing games on Android

A game where racing is literally the whole world. Because the developers promise us an interesting game for Android with a detailed landscape and addictive gameplay. The player can assemble his own ideal car from the parts that the title offers him.

There can be more than one car in a player’s garage. Collect a whole collection of four-wheeled bros and ride them in different locations. At the same time, of course, enjoy high-quality graphics in your smartphone.

Traffic Racer

Top 10 best racing games on Android

A racing simulator option for casual gaming fans. The developers claim that this is a new word in the world of endless arcade racing. Money here is given not for winning risky races, but for overtaking cars traveling in the same direction as you.

In the description of the game on Google Play, the developers talk about amazing graphics. But based on the videos and screenshots on the game page, we will say that the game is designed for games with medium processors. For them, the graphics are exactly 12 out of 10.

Torque Drift

A game that tests your skill of fiercely drifting around corners. Plumes of smoke from rubber rubbing off on the asphalt, a powerful roar of the engine and stunning graphics. There is no arcade here, you still need to learn how to drive a car.

The developers could not leave their players without ample opportunities to upgrade your racing horse. By the way, along with the technical part, you can upgrade your professional team. If you love to enjoy beautiful finishing replays, then in this game you can put your favorite finishing moments on the replay – the game has provided for this. For all fans of drifting with beautiful graphics – strictly recommended!

Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic

We invite you to get out of the racing car again and get on a classic land bike. Fortunately, you can also arrange an epic race on it. Beat the clock in one of four available game modes:

  • time trials;
  • rides with passing traffic;
  • racing with oncoming traffic;
  • free mode.

In free mode, the entire Moto Rider game world is open to you. Here you can simply adapt to the in-game controls while driving around locations. Or try various tricks that will later be used during racing races.

There is also monetization of your “clean” driving here – the fewer accidents you get into, the more points you get. And for tricks on an iron horse, additional bonuses are generally provided. You spend what you receive on upgrading your bike and buying new ones. It’s time to ride in style.

Offroad Legends 2

Cost : free

Download : Google Play

We continue to explore different vehicles for racing. Now it’s time to replace the iron two-wheeled horses with real monsters. More precisely, monster cars. The player will have to overcome the craziest routes: cliffs, obstacles, sand and even hot magma.

The developers abandoned the third-person camera we were used to and replaced it with a side view. But don’t count on a simple platformer; high-quality 3D graphics were also brought here. Therefore, looking at 16 unique maps and especially driving around them will be a pleasure.

And for fans of competitive gameplay mechanics, there is multiplayer. In it you can fight for leading places in the tournament tables. We recommend the game to those who love big cars and the loud roar of the engine.

CarX Highway Racing

Transmission, aerodynamics, pads – if this is not an empty phrase for you, then you should try CarX Highway Racing. The competitive advantage of this game among other similar ones is realism. Here, car control is maximally adjusted to what racers encounter in real life.

You can test your skills as a pro-racer on high-speed highways with cars that are traveling towards you or at the same time as you. The police are also not asleep and are trying to catch and throw you behind bars for speeding. And it’s worth noting that they are quite smart.

This race is also suitable if you want to play on the road – the game has an offline campaign. So it will be comfortable to play anywhere and at any time.

Ultimate Car Driving Simulator

We have found a game for those who do not want to compete with other players, but want to freely drive around the city streets. The game has an open world, so no additional download will prevent you from enjoying the wonderful sound design. Pleasant graphics will be an additional incentive to open the game again.

The player has at his disposal not only basic cars, but also huge monstrous trucks. If free driving is no longer so interesting, try the “traffic” mode. These two modes are available from the very beginning of the game, but others will open up as you progress.  Top 10 best racing games on Android

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