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Top 10 applications for smart watches

gadgets you had were a system of two cans and a wire for communication, then now there is an opportunity to fulfill your old dream. Over time, into an ordinary watch. But at the factory settings, they can only tell you the time and number of steps taken. And so, you see, it’s not interesting in a full-fledged spy device, you will need special applications. Top 10 applications for smart watches

Which of them will be the most useful not only during investigations but also in everyday life, we will tell you in this material. With their help, you will not only calculate the kilometers traveled but also simplify the connection between your watch and your smartphone. Top 10 applications for smart watches

Best Applications for Smart Watches

Da Fit

Download : Play Market , App Store

Top 10 applications for smart watches

The very first fitness bracelet app you can think of. This software will significantly expand the basic functionality of your smartwatch. In addition to the steps already mentioned, Da Fit will calculate your sleep stages, heart rate, and pulse during workouts. How can this be useful? For fitness enthusiasts, it will be easier to track your heartbeat and calculate the load for more effective workouts. By the way, there are five types of loads:

  • light, fat burning,
  • aerobic,
  • anaerobic,
  • VO2 Max (intense pace for running or swimming).

In addition, this application will help you personalize your watch design. There is also control over phone functions, such as viewing calls and SMS, changing the watch face, and checking messages from instant messengers. It’s pretty basic, but this app is worth getting started with.


Download : Play Market , App Store

Top 10 applications for smart watches

The top app you need for your smartwatch if you are an athlete. It was created for those who want to monitor their sports activity. It is linked to your GPS navigator and monitors operating distances. This will be especially useful if you are running, cycling, or swimming in the wild and need to know the distance covered. In addition, the system also has standard smartwatch functions. With this application, you will see notifications and change the dial. And if you are a user from the United States, then sleep enhancement features are available to you. The program will monitor your sleep cycles, play soothing music, and give recommendations for productive rest.

Fallout Pip-Boy

Download : Play Market 

Top 10 applications for smart watches

Yes, the adorable Pip-Boy has appeared on your smartwatch too! All this became possible thanks to amateur developers. Nevertheless, the software for smartwatches looks very impressive. This app turns your daily routine into a huge, never-ending Fallout quest. You can imagine yourself in your favorite part of the popular post-apocalyptic franchise, it’s more fun!

In addition to the animated boy, you will have access to all the basic functions of a smartwatch. In the updated retro-apocalyptic aesthetics, monitoring the temperature and humidity of the air will be somehow especially exciting. And the tabs with time and maps generally promise to be interactive. So there is a lot to see in this app. At least for the sake of interest and love for the series of games.

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Download : App Store 

Top 10 applications for smart watches

all the training and traveling through the wasteland. What about YouTube? And here is an application for Apple Watch, with which you can visit the popular video hosting site. The videos, of course, will not amaze us with their high quality, but we watch videos on watches! Our parents thought it would be possible with flying cars.

The functionality is limited only by the screen size. In all other respects, this is the usual red video hosting with videos, the ability to watch later or return to already watched videos. During long trips in a crowded metro – we recommend it.

Bring! – shopping list

Download : Play Market , App Store 

Shop Better application for smart watche

Long live the salvation for all families who use smart watches. You can remind the head of the family that it’s time to go home and need to buy bread if it’s lost in obscurity, or make a single grocery list for the get-together. With it, you can easily plan your purchases and share lists with other people.

The application will always be with you. You can use it on your smartphone, tablet or as a web version. On the main screen of your smartphone you will find a shopping list thanks to convenient widgets in the application. Not to mention, you can manage your shopping list right from your wrist using the app.


Download : Play Market , App Store

Todoist application for smart watche

This smartwatch app is similar to the previous one, but it greatly expands on the theme of simply collecting a grocery list. This is a convenient tool designed for planning that will help you synchronize with your computer and smartphone and delegate tasks. Useful for forgetful people – the planner is always at hand and on all devices.

If you have repetitive tasks, the program will allow you to create template tasks. They can be automatically entered into the calendar. Prioritize the most important tasks and quickly delete unnecessary ones. By the way, Todoist can be synchronized with basic planning applications that are already installed on your smartphone: Gmail, Google Calendar, and so on.

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Download : Play Market , App Store

Ifttt application for smart watche

Continuing the theme of template tasks, one cannot help but think about transferring some routine scripts to real life. For example, “if the alarm clock is on, then music must play, otherwise I will fall back into bed.” There are similar applications for this. They work on the principle: “If something works, something must happen after it.”

The service connects dozens of popular applications such as Telegram, Google Drive, Twitch, weather and much more. For example, you can add songs from your favorite videos to your Spotify playlist with a couple of taps on the screen. Using a smartwatch in this technological process will create a new digital experience for you! Adding your entire digital universe to this small app will take some time. But we’re sure it’s worth it.

Sleep as Android

Download: Play Market

Sleep as Android: Smart alarm

There is special sleep tracking software available exclusively for Android devices. It will be responsible for tracking sleep cycles, smart wake-up, sleep quality analysis, audio signal classification, and many other functions. After you open your eyes at six in the morning to get ready for your first class at school, you will need to turn off the alarm clock. Ah, it’s not that simple! The first mathematical problems are waiting for you already at this stage, otherwise the alarm clock will continue to scream.

Everything, including integration with wearable devices, health services and smart lamps, is available for the functionality of this application. It also provides the opportunity to experiment with lucid dreaming and restore circadian rhythms. In case you have lost your mode or have jet lag. But remember, this application is not intended for medical use. So if you have trouble sleeping for several days, consult your doctor!

Wear Audio Recorder

Download: Play Market

Wear Audio Recorder


You can’t say much about this application, since its functionality is clear. This is a simple and easy to use voice recorder built into your smart watch. One of the main features of this voice recorder is geolocation and tagging. This will allow you to easily organize and organize your records. For example, you can mark notes taken during an important meeting. Or a demo of a cool rap hit about unrequited love, the idea of ​​which came to you during a sad walk in the rain.

In addition, the application can work in noise reduction mode. This allows you to record clear sound even in environments with strong background noise. Your demo with a rapper will definitely be heard. Launch the voice recorder and start reading the text – the application activates recording immediately after launch. And you will find all ready-made audio tracks in cloud storage services such as Google Drive or Dropbox.


Download: Play Market , App Store

smart watch application

Let’s finish our modest top applications for smart watches with indispensable software for travelers. If you come to a new city, moving will be problematic for you at first. After all, you are unlikely to be familiar with local public transport. This application will quickly show you the necessary routes and prevent you from getting lost in an unfamiliar city.

The service is available for both Android and WatchOS devices. This application synchronizes with your smartphone, allowing you to quickly access a large map of the city. Can be used to plan trips, receive up-to-date data and forecasts of transport arrival at a stop.top 10 applications for smart watches

If we missed any useful wrist gadget apps, let us know in the comments! Pick one of these apps based on your lifestyle. Whether you want to go for a run today or sleep productively, you now have the right app for those activities.

Top 10 applications for smart watches



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