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Review of Mi PC Suite for PC

Frequently, you will need to connect your phone to a computer to move data to it or empty its internal storage. You can, of course, get by in this situation using your computer’s system functions, but proprietary tools make things much easier. Review of Mi PC Suite for PC

In this article we will look at one of these programs. Let’s take a closer look at what Mi PC Suite is, what it can do and how to use it.

Why do you need Mi PC Suite?

Xiaomi’s own software, called Mi PC Suite (also called Xiaomi PC Suite and Mi Phone Assistant), combines the features of an archiver, sorter, and file organizer. In essence, you may use your PC to control your smartphone and its files, and you gain complete access to all of its functions.

Review of Mi PC Suite for PC

The program automatically sorts all the files on your device and saves them into separate thematic folders, which you can view at any time and clean out “garbage”. But besides this, the program can perform other procedures:

  • Create a data backup (in an expanded version, compared to the system backup);
  • Restore files from backup;
  • Update Android and MIUI versions via the Recovery menu;
  • Distribute Internet to PC from smartphone;

Review of Mi PC Suite for PC

  • View contacts on your device;
  • Show technical information about the device.

When you connect your smartphone to your PC, you will not need to install additional drivers for it. The program itself will determine which device is connected and load the driver.

Where to download Mi PC Suite

The program has several versions. Some exist under the old name, while others are already called Mi Phone Assistant, and their interface has been updated to the latest version.

Review of Mi PC Suite for PC

You can download the program on forums where Xiaomi users exchange experiences. For example, in this topic . There are also many sites through which you can download this app for free, such as MIUI Rom and Xiaomi Community. We advise you to choose specialized forums and sites.

How to use

Using the program is quite simple: you only need a smartphone, a cable and your Mi account. But first you need to install it. To do this, download the program from one of the links above, unpack the archive (if the program is packaged in it) and run the installation file with the .exe extension.

Review of Mi PC Suite for PC

After that, select the path where you want to install the program and complete the installation process. Now you will need to launch the installed application and log into your Mi account. When everything is done, you can connect your phone.

You need to enable USB debugging mode on your smartphone. This can only be done through developer mode. To activate it, you need to go to “Settings” and in the “About phone” section, tap on the “MIUI Version” line 5-7 times. After this, developer mode will be enabled. Go to “Advanced Settings” – “For Developers” and enable USB debugging there. In the same menu you can turn off the mode once you are finished with the program.

Review of Mi PC Suite for PC

Connect to the device using the program again and you will see the program’s work area with data from your smartphone.

Now you can save the necessary files on your PC, create a complete backup of your phone’s system and download it directly from the program. This is necessary in case you made a mistake when using root rights and deleted some system component, or tried to install custom firmware, but it didn’t work, and now even the system doesn’t work.

The functionality of the program may vary depending on its version, so some functions may simply not work for you.

Possible problems

Like all other programs, Mi PC Suite does not have a 100% guarantee that you will not encounter errors during use. But we will try to sort out the most common problems.

Connect Xiaomi via USB

The “Connect Xiaomi via USB” error may occur if you have not enabled USB debugging mode (we wrote above how to do this), or there is something wrong with your wire. If the reason is a faulty cable or USB port on your PC or smartphone, you can try a wireless connection via a Wi-Fi network.

Review of Mi PC Suite for PC

Xiaomi Mi PC Suite does not recognize the phone

Another common error: “Xiaomi Mi PC Suite does not recognize the phone.” In this case, everything is much more complicated and there may be more reasons for such an error. First of all, check the cable and USB ports on your devices. We recommend using original Xiaomi cords to avoid problems with recognition.

Another possibility for an error to occur is version incompatibility. This will happen if the program version does not support your version of Android and MIUI. The only thing that will help here is reinstalling Mi PC Suite, downloading the current version or using another source to install the program.

Although the program itself installs drivers on devices, a non-working driver can also ruin everything. Therefore, run a system driver check on your PC and update outdated ones.

If the connection is via a Wi-Fi network, make sure that the PC and smartphone are using the same network. To do this, go to the settings and check if the name and IP of the network match.

The last cause of errors is the antivirus. Often such programs mistakenly block safe applications, reading them as a threat to the PC. To fix this, add the folder with the installed program to the “exception list” of your antivirus and reinstall it. Review of Mi PC Suite for PC

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