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How to use YandexGPT

New iterations of neural networks are added to the list as they continue to develop. ChatGPT and Midjourney are undoubtedly familiar to regular users as well as computer enthusiasts who occasionally come across visuals created by neural networks. How to use YandexGPT

How to use YandexGPT

As a result of the widespread use of new technology, browsers and services have developed their own neural networks. For instance, the OperaGX browser developed an AI named Arya that can be used right in the toolbar, while the Bing search engine debuted its own chatbot.

However, the focus of this study will be YandexGPT, or the versatile Yandex neural network, rather than them.

What is YandexGPT

This is an artificial intelligence text model that accepts user requests and generates text based on them. It looks like a simple correspondence in the messenger.

How to use YandexGPT

You can ask the neural network to do a variety of tasks, like as producing a well-thought-out fairy tale or just a basic social media post. You can use the final text for business or personal use. In an effort to introduce even more people to neural networks, YandexGPT also integrated Alice into its voice assistant last year.

The GPT module from Open AI and the Yandex company’s name combine to form the term AI. This is so because the neural network shares comparable functions and is built around the ChatGPT chatbot. The YandexGPT 2 version, which is 60–70% better than the previous one in certain categories, was recently updated and is being used by the AI.

How to use YandexGPT

Now the neural network works in various Yandex services (Search, Market, Shop, Praktikum) and other services that are connected to the company.

What YandexGPT can do

First of all, the YandexGPT neural network can create text. You can ask a question and receive a detailed answer, or make a detailed request to generate text for a post or congratulations. You can always correct the finished version yourself, or ask a chatbot about it. At the same time, the neural network understands the context and remembers all edits and clarifying questions.

How to use YandexGPT

The AI is also capable of creating posts in Masterpiece when a description is required in order to produce images, rewriting articles, and writing basic HTML code.

Yandex Market product cards may also be made with YaGPT. To obtain a ready-made description, just complete the product details and click the “Create with YaGPT” button. Review filtering is another helpful function for site vendors. The neural network condenses the data into a list and emphasizes the most important points.

How to use YandexGPT

You can use the YandexGPT neural network in any browser. To do this, go to the Yandex search engine at and click on the Alice icon. In the window that pops up, select “Alice, let’s figure it out” or type “Let’s figure it out” in the chat. After this, YaGPT will connect and generate responses.

How to use YandexGPT

The Yandex Browser has a number of unique features that anyone can utilize. Take the retelling function in articles, for instance. Click the special icon in the search box to access a lengthy text that has to be studied. Following that, the neural network will analyze the material on the website to provide you with a text retelling that includes major ideas and theses. This feature is limited to Russian texts.

How to use YandexGPT

You can also use a neural network with Alice’s column. To do this, say the command “Alice, let’s figure it out.” After this, Alice will tell you that the skill is activated, and you can give her different requests.

Advantages of YandexGPT

A neural network has a number of advantages that set it apart from others. For example, YaGPT can be used absolutely free and is available to users from the Russian Federation. The same cannot be said about the “progenitor”, ChatGPT, to use which you need to register for a virtual number in another country or look for bots that are connected to the neural network as intermediaries.

How to use YandexGPT

If you already use Yandex services and a browser, then you can use all the functions of the neural network to the fullest. AI also works in speakers with Alice and Yandex stations. YandexGPT is constantly trained and uses recent data in this. For example, a neural network can discuss with you the Oscars of recent years or share news about important events.

YandexGPT can be useful in study or work when you need to read a large article of several pages. Thanks to the retelling function, you can fit 30 thousand characters into several small paragraphs, where the neural network will highlight all the important points for you.

How to use YandexGPT

YaGPT also works as great entertainment for children. Using voice commands, they can come up with a fairy tale together, or learn useful information about the world around them.

Disadvantages of YaGPT

Since YandexGPT only launched in 2023, it lacks development. For a neural network to become better, it takes time and a lot of work with users and developers. The more people make requests through YandexGPT, the more accurately the AI ​​understands what they want from it and what information needs to be given to the user. So write the instructions in more detail and don’t hesitate to edit the neural network’s answers.

Another disadvantage of YandexGPT is that it only has one language to work with. The neural network does not understand queries in English and cannot produce appropriate results. Developers can also use this minus as a plus, developing the AI’s understanding of the intricacies of the Russian language. Thanks to long studies in Russian literature, YaGPT even passed the Unified State Exam with 55 points.

Examples of using

You can use a neural network both for work and for personal use. The main thing is to write a detailed request so that YaGPT understands the context and all the nuances of the text that needs to be written.

Here’s what you can do with a neural network:

  • Make a plan or checklist;
  • Retell the content of the video;
  • Make a shopping list based on the recipe;

  • Make a sketch for the text;W
  • rite a ready-made post for a social network;
  • Retell a large text with main points;
  • Improve the written text or change its style;
  • Write a plan for an article, coursework or diploma;

  • Write simple code;
  • Discuss news and important events;
  • Come up with a fairy tale for a child;
  • Write a poem.

True, YaGPT still has problems with poetry, but it is quite capable of producing something in the spirit of Mayakovsky. So go ahead and play around with the neural network. It’s free and you will contribute to her education.

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