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How to trim a video on your phone

When downloading a video from TikTok or other social networks, we want to shorten it before sending it to someone. For example, cut off the annoying screensaver or cut out only the necessary moment separately. How to trim a video on your phone

In this article, we will look at all the ways to trim a video on your phone, look at special applications, and learn how to do this using the gallery. How to trim a video on your phone

Using the gallery

The standard Gallery application allows you not only to view photos and videos but also to edit them. Almost all modern smartphones have this built-in function, but each manufacturer’s set of editing tools may differ. Therefore, let’s look at how to trim videos on Android and iOS.

How to trim a video on your phone


Once you open the video you want, a toolbar will appear at the bottom. We need an icon in the form of scissors. Once you click on it, the built-in video editing tool will open.

In it, you can trim the video to the desired length, apply filters to it, or manually edit the picture until it suits you. After this, the video can be saved without loss of quality.

How to trim a video on your phone

And if simple functions are not enough for you, you can go to the advanced version of the built-in video editor by clicking on the PRO button in the lower right corner. There you can add music, crop the video and edit it with more precise tools.


On Huawei phones the process is practically no different. The only difference is that the edit icon in the gallery is hidden behind the image of a pencil, not scissors.

How to trim a video on your phone

After clicking on it, you will see a video editing menu with several functions:

  • Video trimming;
  • Turn;
  • Framing;
  • Filters;
  • Effect settings (brightness, contrast, etc.);
  • Other settings (color spots, inscriptions, blur effects).


For Samsung smartphones, the video editor function in the gallery is limited to video trimming only. If you need to edit it somehow, it is better to use third-party programs.

How to trim a video on your phone

And to simply trim the video, click on the pencil icon in the gallery when viewing the file. After that, move the sliders to highlight the fragment you need and click the checkmark to save the result.


Apple smartphones also have built-in video editing functions. They are hidden in the Photos app. Find the video file you need there and click “Edit”. After that, set the sliders to highlight the start and end times of the segment you need. You can view it before saving.

How to trim a video on your phone

If you are happy with everything, click “Done” and then “Save video as new” so as not to lose the original file. In the same menu, you can crop and rotate the video, as well as apply different filters and image settings to it.

Using apps

Google Photos

This application is almost always pre-installed on Android devices. With it, you can view and share photos with friends. You can also trim videos on Android and iOS using Google Photos.

How to trim a video on your phone

Of all the options for trimming videos on your phone, this one is probably the easiest and fastest. In addition, Google Photos does not spoil the quality of the video and keeps it at the same resolution and number of frames. Another significant advantage of this application is that after editing, no watermarks or additional screensavers appear on the video. You can also crop the video if necessary.

Open the video in Google Photos and click the Edit button. You will open a menu with sliders with which you can set the desired video length. You can then crop it if necessary and rotate or mirror it a bit. The finished video is saved as a separate file.


Download: Google Play , App Store

Perhaps InShot can be called the most popular video editor. With its help, video trimming on Android and iOS will be quick. But beyond that, InShot has a lot of different features that you can use to enhance your video.

Since the application was originally developed as a video editor, it has the function of “gluing” several videos into one. So you can cut funny moments, combine them into a whole video, add different transitions and effects, and put music on top!

If you just need to trim the video, just move the sliders on the bar below. You can watch the trimmed video to make sure that everything you need is included in the selected fragment, and you can also crop it if necessary. Before saving the video, you can also adjust its resolution, frame rate, and bitrate to improve the quality of the video.


Download: Google Play , App Store

Only CapCut can compete for popularity with InShot, which has gone viral because of TikTok and user templates that are dismantled into memes on social networks.

Initially, the application was also created as a video editor, and with claims to professional video editing. Just like in InShot, you can stitch together multiple frames, add music and use various effects.

The only drawback of the application is that in its free version, a small splash screen with a logo will be attached at the end of the video. It can be removed if you purchased a subscription, or using another video editor (even built into the gallery of your smartphone)


Download: Google Play , App Store

YouCut is another full-fledged video editor. It was developed by the same studio that made the InShot app. But unlike its “big brother”, the application does not hide half of its functions behind the paid version.

How to trim a video on your phone

After you launch the application, select the desired video from the gallery. To reduce its duration, click on the “Crop” button and move the sliders to the positions you need. After that, save the video.

Since YouCut is a video editor, and not just an application for cutting videos, you can adjust the quality of the video you save and set the desired frame rate. This will affect the file size, so if you have restrictions, it’s best to play around with this setting. And if you want to crop the video, go to the “Cut” tab and select the format you need.

Video Crop

Download: Google Play

Video Crop is a simple program aimed at cropping and cropping videos. There won’t be any built-in extensive functionality with filters, so if you’re looking for something simple, this option is perfect. The principle of operation is simple: open the application – select a video – cut its length.

Just keep in mind that Video Crop & Trim can automatically crop your video, so it’s best to keep an eye on this and stretch the video if you need to highlight a specific part or want to avoid black borders around the image. You can also adjust the rendering speed, reducing it on weak devices or increasing it on powerful ones. The only drawback of the application is the “crooked” localization into Russian.

In the article, we looked at the most popular apps for cutting videos on your phone, and even learned how to do it in the gallery. Write in the comments what you use to edit videos, and don’t forget to read our other articles. How to trim a video on your phone

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