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How to replace Google Play Market: 10 best applications

One of the most common problems in the mobile device market is that not all smartphones support Google servers, which means they don’t have the usual Play Market either. But you can always turn to alternatives. How to replace Google Play Market: 10 best applications

If you want to choose a suitable market to replace Google Play, scroll below and see our selection.


The Russian application store RuStore appeared quite recently – first a beta version was released in 2022, and then a full release took place. The developers believe that their application is a complete alternative to Google Play for Android.

How to replace Google Play Market: 10 best applications

The market has many familiar applications that cannot currently be downloaded from Google Play. There is also a convenient division into categories, thematic collections and a system of user reviews.


This market will be a real find for gamers. Especially if you often play Asian games that you can’t easily download from other places.

How to replace Google Play Market: 10 best applications

The market sorts applications by category, and you can also navigate by hashtags and watch similar games. You can also subscribe to the developer so you don’t miss updates on your favorite projects.


Huawei’s proprietary application store also does a good job as an alternative to Google Play. It is quite problematic to install it on other devices, but if you own an Honor or other Huawei smartphone without Google services, AppGallery will save you.

How to replace Google Play Market: 10 best applications

The assortment of the market is quite large and contains various games and applications. It also has a “Gift Center” section, where you can receive gifts from developers.


Continuing the theme of branded markets, we cannot help but mention GetApps, a pre-installed application on Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO devices. Its main advantage is the absence of restrictions.

How to replace Google Play Market: 10 best applications

The only drawback of the application is that it cannot be installed on phones from other companies. This is an internal market of the MIUI platform, so it will not work on devices with “pure” Android either.


Another alternative to Google Play Market for Android is Aptoide. This is a great option if you’re looking for a store that features both games and apps.

There are thematic collections, including from different users. You can find them in the “Stores” section. You can also browse different themes with your favorite apps and download updates.


And this is another domestic application store. NashStore appeared in May 2022. In this market you can download popular banking applications, programs for government services and various free games.

The library is not that large, but if you just need to re-download your usual applications, NashStore is perfect for you. In addition, the market supports the ability to update installed services.


Initially, APKPure is a website for downloading APK files of various applications. But not so long ago, developers created their own market, through which you can easily install all the necessary games and programs on your phone.

How to replace Google Play Market: 10 best applications

There is a search, division into categories, a catalog and all the standard sections for markets. The main feature is that you can also find outdated versions of applications that were released several years ago.

Nine Store

The Nine Store, also known as 9Apps, is the easiest to use marketplace, but its library is quite extensive. It’s very easy to understand the interface: there are recommendations and selections. Just like APKPure, you can find different versions of the same application.

The Nine Store also has a section with mini-games to kill time. Many of them don’t even need to be installed; you just need to launch them directly in the market.

 Galaxy Store

This is a built-in market from Samsung. As with GetApps, you cannot install it separately. But it has a number of advantages.

For example, the store has a large selection of Samsung branded applications. There is also a separate “Watch” tab, which contains themes and watch faces for the Korean company’s smartwatches. But the usual games and applications are also there, although not all of them.


The last market on our list also refers to domestic developments. RuMarket is a compact store with not the widest library.

You can download the main Russian applications in it, for example, State Services and Sberbank, and other useful programs. There are few games, so it’s definitely not suitable for gamers.

We have collected the 10 best replacements for Google Play in this selection. Look for a market option that suits you and write in the comments what you use from our list. How to replace Google Play Market: 10 best applications

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