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How to Record a Video Message on WhatsApp

With 2 million monthly active users as of 2024, WhatsApp is one of the most widely used instant messaging services worldwide. You can communicate using the program in a variety of ways, including through video communications. You will discover how to record and send them by following our guide. How to Record a Video Message on WhatsApp

How to set up your phone to record video messages on WhatsApp

When you use the camera feature for the first time, WhatsApp will request permission because it does not have access to the camera by default. Additionally, you can grant the required rights in the application settings.


  • Go to WhatsApp settings and select the “Application Permissions” section;
  • Stop at the “Camera” item;
  • Check the box next to “Allow only while using the application.” whatsapp.htm)
    How to Record a Video Message on WhatsApp


  • Go to the main operating system settings;
  • In the “Privacy” and “Camera” sections, set the method for using the video capture module for WhatsApp.

How to Record a Video Message on WhatsApp

The function is ironically nicknamed “circle recording” because the resulting video is automatically framed in a circle.

Here’s what to do:

  • Launch WhatsApp;
  • Select a chat with the desired contact or group;
  • In the lower right corner, click on the camera icon and hold it;
  • The timer will start and recording will begin.

The video capture region will then show up as a circular frame on the screen. You must concentrate on the strip encircling the circle’s edge. The recording will end and be immediately forwarded to the recipient when the line closes.

If you change your mind about sending the video to the recipient, then swipe from right to left. The entry will be deleted.

If you are unable to record a video message

Update the messenger version if you have granted the software all the required rights but are still unable to capture a video. You must visit the application store to do this: 

Find the application and click Update. After this the function should work.

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