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How to hide a chat on WhatsApp*

There are various options in WhatsApp* that let you keep information private from other people. One of them has chats hidden. Our content will teach you more about this function. How to hide a chat on WhatsApp*

Why hide chats on WhatsApp*

How to hide a chat on WhatsApp*

Main reasons:

  • If there are a lot of chats and you need to divide them by importance;
  • It is necessary to hide correspondence from third parties who have access to the user’s smartphone;
  • If you want to hide media files from a specific chat from strangers.

What is a secret chat in WhatsApp*

How to hide a chat on WhatsApp*

A private chat is essentially an exchange of messages that is impossible for outsiders to view. Voice messages, images, and videos are only kept in this chat and are not added to the main library. Notifications for secret chats do not appear on the home screen.

However, you shouldn’t count on 100% confidentiality, since hidden chats are located in the “Archive”.

How to hide a chat in WhatsApp* on Android

How to hide a chat on WhatsApp*

Those who use an Android gadget and want to hide all dialogs at once should do this:

  • You must select the “Chats” section in WhatsApp*;
  • Then click on the three dots in the upper right corner;
  • Then click on “Settings” and “Chats”;
  • In the “Chat History” section, click on “Archive all chats”, then on OK.

If you only need to hide one chat, do the following:

  • You need to select the conversation you want to hide in the “Chats” section;
  • Hold your finger on the screen and wait for the additional menu to appear at the top;
  • Hide a chat by sending it to “Archive” after clicking on the square icon with an arrow.

How to hide a chat in WhatsApp* on iOS

How to hide a chat on WhatsApp*

If you need to hide all chats at once, then follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the “Settings” section in WhatsApp*;
  • Click on “Chats” there;
  • Next to “Archive all chats”.

All conversations have been archived, and notifications will no longer appear on the main screen. If you want to hide a specific conversation, then:

  • Go to the “Chats” section, there click on the correspondence you want to hide;
  • Swipe the conversation from right to left;
  • In the additional menu, click “Archive”.

How to hide a chat in WhatsApp* on PC

You can also hide a conversation on a PC/laptop with a Windows or Mac operating system. To do this, in the web version of WhatsApp* do this:

  • Select the desired chat;
  • Click on the arrow next to it;
  • In the new menu, click “Archive”.

This way you will hide a certain dialog. But you won’t be able to hide everything at once on a PC, since there is no such function.

How to completely hide chats on WhatsApp* from strangers

There is an easy way to completely block your conversations from others. Namely, to protect the messenger using two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication in WhatsApp* is enabled as follows:

  • Go to WhatsApp settings*;
  • Next, click on “Account” (Android) or “Account” (iOS);
  • Activate the “Two-step verification” item;
  • Create a password and confirm it.

And if you forget your password, you may also leave an email. It will now require you to input your password each time you connect to WhatsApp*. Although it is not particularly practical, 100% of correspondence is protected.

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