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How to download video Reels

Short videos can be created on most social networks. One type is reels, and in this content, we’ll discuss how to store such a video to the memory of your device. How to download video Reels

What are Reels and why download them?

How to download video Reels

Videos with a maximum length of one minute, known as reels, are shown in a section reserved just for them. These videos allow you to like them, share them with friends, and post comments.

How to save your own Reels to your phone

How to download video Reels

This may be required if you want to edit the video in third-party programs or simply save it as a memory. As well as sharing with a friend who doesn’t use social networks.

There are two ways:

  1. First, when creating a video in final editing mode, you need to click on the arrow icon. A notification should appear indicating that the video has been saved. After that, you will find it in the smartphone’s gallery.
  2. Second, after publishing the video on your feed, you should open Reels and select “…” in the right menu. Next, you need to select “Save to device.”

How to download any Reels

How to download video Reels

Check to be sure you are not infringing on anyone else’s copyrights before downloading their reels. It is advised to get in touch with the video’s creator and get permission to download the file for later use, either for commercial or non-commercial purposes, in order to prevent any potential issues.

There are web services that help you download Reels without software. Here are some popular services:

The whole trinity has a similar operating principle, so let’s look at the procedure using Instadp as an example:

  • Open Reels, click on the three dots icon and copy the link;
  • We go to the site and paste the URL into the line;
  • Click on Download and wait until processing is completed. Next, a preview option will open and a download button will appear. You need to click on it.

How to download Reels to your phone using the app

There are several Android apps widely available that help you save Reels in your device’s memory. The most popular among users are:

Installing the app on your smartphone is required, as is giving it all the permissions it requests. The next step is to copy the Reels link, launch the application, paste the URL, and select “download.”

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