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How to create a second account on Telegram

With Telegram, an amazing multipurpose messenger, you can manage conversations based on interests, create a blog in channel format, and connect professionally in addition to chatting with friends. If you use the messenger frequently, confusion over channels and correspondence may eventually arise. How to create a second account on Telegram

Many users create two accounts, one for business or correspondence and the other for channels and amusement, in an attempt to get rid of it. Now let’s look at the instructions for PCs and smartphones and see how you can create a second Telegram account. How to create a second account on Telegram

How many accounts can you create?

Account registration is permitted as often as desired. The quantity of profiles that can be made is unlimited, but each application can only have three linked to it. We advise using a cloned application, the web version, and various devices (PCs and cellphones) if you require more accounts.

How to create a second account on Telegram

You can establish 500 private channels and 8 public channels for each profile. For the typical user, this is sufficient; nevertheless, it might not be adequate for work. As a result, we will go over every method for creating a second Telegram account below.

How to create a second account

In contrast to instant messaging apps like Viber or WhatsApp, Telegram makes it simple to set up a second account. You can easily switch in the program and safely add it to the messenger at the same time. You can also make multiple channels with a second account if necessary, like for work.

How to create a second account on Telegram

Each account will have its own list of chats; they will not intersect, unless, of course, you join both at once, and notifications to your device will come from both profiles.

For one number

Telegram requests your phone number throughout the sign-up procedure. This is a requirement in order to set up a profile. Furthermore, as you are undoubtedly already aware, it is impossible to create two accounts for a single number.

How to create a second account on Telegram

It is not possible to get around this registration requirement. Connecting to a pre-existing profile is identical. Consequently, you require a second SIM card in order to open a second account. You can, however, utilize a virtual number as a last resort, although this is a one-time solution and not the most trustworthy one.

For several numbers

The issue is resolved if you have multiple SIM cards with numbers for which you haven’t yet made a Telegram profile. All you have to do is put each card into your smartphone one at a time, register each account in the app, and verify the information with the code that comes through text message.

How to create a second account on Telegram

After all accounts have been created, you need to upload them to the application. We’ll talk about this further.

How to add a second account

On Android

Android cellphones make everything quick and easy to do. To add a second account, simply use the Telegram mobile app and adhere to our instructions:

  • Expand the menu by clicking on the three bars on the top left;
  • Expand the profiles panel using the arrow;
  • Click “Add Account”;
  • Specify the country and enter the phone number from the second account;
  • Confirm your entry.

How to create a second account on Telegram

Your activities are essentially the same as when you first registered for the application. You just enter your information and validate it with a code sent to you via SMS or, if you’re logged in from another device, chat on that device. You will also need to provide your name if you are just creating a profile.

Changing accounts happens in a nearly identical manner. You select the required profile by clicking on its icon after opening the menu and expanding the accounts panel. The program will then refresh the list of channels and conversations, displaying just those that are pertinent to the chosen account.

How to create a second account on Telegram

Remind yourself that each program allows you to link up to three accounts. We advise using a second smartphone, PC, or creating a duplicate of the application using specialized software if you require more.

On iPhone

Additionally, you may easily switch between multiple Telegram accounts on your iPhone by connecting them to a single application. The same limitations apply here: no more than three accounts open at once.

  • Open the Telegram application;
  • Expand the menu and go to “Settings”;
  • Click “Edit”;
  • Select “Add account”;
  • Specify your country and number for authorization in the application.

Just like in the Android application, you will need to confirm the data with a code of numbers. After this, you can safely switch between accounts without having to re-authorize.


Everything is far more complicated while using a PC. The issue is that you are only allowed to activate a single account by default through both the Windows application and the Web version of the messenger, and you cannot switch between multiple accounts. It goes without saying that you can use one profile in the program and the other in the Web version’s browser.

You may make a duplicate of the program on your computer if you require access to more accounts or if you prefer not to utilize the messenger’s browser version. You can open many accounts simultaneously in each Telegram window that launches. No limitations apply; you are free to make as many copies as you like.

To run multiple copies of the application, follow these instructions:

  • Download the installer for the portable version of Telegram from the official website ;
  • Create a folder on the disk, for example, Telegram 1, and unpack the archive into it;
  • Run the Telegram.exe file from the first folder;
  • Create another folder, for example, Telegram 2, and unpack the same archive into it;
  • Launch another Telegram application.

How to create a second account on Telegram

This can be repeated as often as necessary to run profiles on your computer. To prevent data leaking, be sure your device can take the load and only utilize the archive from the official website.

We discussed all the ways to launch several Telegram accounts above. Follow the instructions carefully and remember the security of your data! How to create a second account on Telegram

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