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How to cool down your phone

Smartphones and tablets can get extremely hot due to their design for a variety of reasons. Furthermore, the temperature rises even further in warmer conditions. We discuss a variety of topics, including how to stay out of trouble throughout the summer. How to cool down your phone

How to cool your phone during hot weather

Overheating poses a risk not only to the processor’s performance but also to its frequency reduction. High temperatures inside the case can cause a variety of issues, such as battery fire and solder failure.

How to cool down your phone

  • Carry your phone in your clothing pocket. It’s better to put it in a bag or backpack;
  • Charge your phone outside. Do this in a well-ventilated area;
  • As an option, buy a light or transparent case that better reflects the sun’s rays.

Even in a cold setting, a smartphone may occasionally overheat for no obvious reason. In this situation, you ought to bring the gadget to a repair facility for an examination.

If you have no doubt about the serviceability of the device and battery, and it is hot outside, do the following:

  • Place the device in the shade or cool place;
  • Disconnect from charging and remove the protective case;
  • Turn off your gadget for a while or put it in airplane mode.

How to cool your phone while in use

If you are unable to turn off the smartphone at this time, you should examine how background apps are functioning. You may clean the cache and close apps using the proprietary utilities found on the majority of current smartphones. Indeed, the software will eventually resume on its own and load the system once more, as demonstrated by experience.

You can attempt to forcefully disable specific programs in the settings in this situation. Additionally, using a smartphone while charging is strongly discouraged by smartphone manufacturers. in particular, running games.

How to cool down your phone

The simultaneous activation of Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and mobile Internet modules is another frequent source of excessive heating. In this instance, at the very least, turn off a few of them.

How to cool down your phone using AnTuTu Benchmark

As an analog of RAM, you can increase the size of the buffer memory to lower the processor’s temperature. This will lessen the strain on the CPU during task execution and smooth out the speed at which data is read from memory.

And here the well-known AnTuTu Benchmark program will help. We do the following:

  • Download and install the application;
  • We check the processor temperature under load at minimum and maximum buffer values;
  • Go to the smartphone settings and select “Developer options”;
  • If the menu is hidden, activate it by pressing the “Build number” item seven times.
  • In “Developer Options” select “System Tracing” and set the buffer size for each processor to the maximum value.

How to cool down your phone due to connection problems

Mobile devices can occasionally overheat as a result of cellular communication issues. The truth is that radio communication modules have to operate harder when the signal is weak. The smartphone produces greater heat as a result. In this instance, you must manually select 2G or 3G in the mobile communication settings by unchecking the box for automated network selection. This will lessen the strain on the device but at the expense of mobile Internet speed and connection quality.

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