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How many types of computers are there in the world

We are presented with an enormous assortment of computers when browsing online displays: desktops on the right and all-in-ones on the left. Making the correct method choice from the outset is not simple. My mind is racing with ideas of playing Baldur’s Gate 3 on high settings while finishing up my assignment. How can you locate the machine that can handle both of these duties among this variety? How many types of computers are there in the world

This tutorial will assist you in understanding the distinctions between various computer kinds, as well as explain why a supercomputer is not appropriate for the average user and why you most definitely cannot play Grand Theft Auto on a thin client.


A desktop is exactly what we think of when we say “computer.” The “PC Boyar” device, a forge of 3D designers and developers, a powerful storyteller of stories about the Witcher of Rivia or assassins.

How many types of computers are there in the world

A desktop is precisely what comes to mind when we hear the word “computer.” The “PC Boyar” device is a potent narrator of tales about assassins or the Witcher of Rivia, a forge of 3D designers and developers.

Desktop computers, come with a keyboard, mouse, monitor, system unit, and additional add-ons like speakers. PCs are utilized for a variety of purposes, including work, education, gaming, and leisure.

📏The desktop is quite large. Although weight varies among models, powerful gaming PCs often weigh above 5 kg. Desktop computers require a large amount of workspace and a wall outlet.

Naturally, there is no mobility, but the hardware’s power makes up for it. Desktop computers are intended for stationary use in the workplace or at home.

🔧 The desktop computer has a high level of capability and is simple to adapt and enhance to your preferences and requirements. You get to pick the components’ strength, form, and color when you order a custom assembly. Purchase a pink casing with white “filling,” get the video card cooled, and personalize the RGB lights to create the configuration of your dreams.

How many types of computers are there in the world

Performance in games is also excellent. In the case of gaming PCs equipped with cutting-edge video cards, modern CPUs such as Intel i9, and other parts. These devices can even run Hogwarts Legacy on ultra settings without optimization and maintain a playable frame rate.

On a gaming PC you can play Cyberpunk 2077 , Red Dead Redemption 2 , Assassin’s Creed Valhalla , The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt .


A monoblock is a stylish, small device that combines a system unit and a monitor. For people who enjoy pinning beautiful workspace collections to Pinterest, this gadget might be a great option. It’s true that a candy bar changes the workspace—there’s more room for items and fewer distractions.

How many types of computers are there in the world

Among those who like modern design, monoblocks are becoming popular. The computer’s sophisticated design goes well with the simple furnishings and inspires you to get up at four in the morning, run around like a bee, eat avocado toast for breakfast, and enroll in life achievement classes.

This method works well when working with multimedia, including images and video. All editors, bloggers, and influencers should check it out.

📏 The size of the candy bar is average; thanks to the internal peripherals, it takes up less space on the table than its desktop counterpart.

👣 The monoblock can be moved, but reservations are required. A monoblock is not as portable as a desktop, but it is not as good as a laptop. simply though they are made for stationary use at the office or home, moving them to a different apartment or simply rearranging them in a different room is still simpler.

🔧 Editors, influencers, illustrators, and even sound mixers can use the device’s functionality. Modern or under-optimized games are not as convenient for the all-in-one as they are for everyday tasks.

🎮 Gaming performance: you can run old classics or undemanding modern games. For example, Stardew Valley, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Portal 2, Half-Life 2. Some models can handle GTA 5 on medium settings.

A monoblock is a unique type of computer; its case immediately contains a monitor and a system unit. Ideal for lovers of minimalism, it copes with daily tasks and average gaming loads.

Thin client

A thin client is radically different from a standard desktop in its operating concept. Unlike a traditional desktop PC, which performs all tasks itself and stores data on its SSD and HDD drives.

How many types of computers are there in the world

The thin client “gives” most of the computing processes and data storage to a remote server. The computer itself has a minimal set of components, without powerful internal hardware; all the work is done for it by the server to which it connects.

📏 The size of this device is small, the computer is compact and lightweight. Easily fits on any table, leaving plenty of free space.

🚗 The mobility of thin clients is completely absent, since they are designed for stationary use. Requires constant connection to the power grid and to the server. Not suitable for the role of a portable device.

🔧 Thin clients have limited functionality because they are designed to meet specific needs. Computers are not designed to be customized or upgraded. Their primary role is to be the endpoint on the network through which users access applications and data stored on the server. No high processing power or specialized software.

🎮 Regarding gameplay, nothing can be said. Since the device lacks a memory drive and a video card, it cannot be used for gaming. Thin clients are meant for doing simple office work, not for gamers.

A unique kind of computer that collaborates with a central server is called a thin client. Ideal for businesses and educational establishments.


The laptop will top the list of all computers if we are talking about universal computers. You may easily carry this small device with you wherever you go, even on vacation, or use it to simulate working from home while in bed. Everything you need to work “here and now” is included in this small techno book, including speakers, a microphone, a camera, a keyboard, a touchpad, and a screen.

There are gaming models of laptops among them. These computers are designed with gamers in mind; they have strong hardware, cutting-edge processors, high-end, if slim, graphics cards, and lots of RAM and permanent memory. The displays are big and well-lit. Both a cooling system and a lighted keyboard are present. A gaming laptop can perform on par with a desktop computer. Yet, they have advantages and disadvantages.

📏 The size of a laptop is larger than a tablet, but smaller than a regular computer. Gaming laptops are, of course, larger in size and weight than their office counterparts, but are still portable. They may not fit into some bags and backpacks, so it’s worth buying special ones.

🚗 Laptops have high mobility. Thanks to the battery, they can work without an outlet. How long the gadget will work without power depends on the task being performed. The more power is consumed, the faster the battery drains. It is absolutely easy to take the cable with you and recharge your laptop. For example, if you are writing a coursework in a cafe, you can easily plug your computer into an outlet and not worry about the laptop turning off.

🔧 Functionality: gaming laptops are universal, suitable for working with video, 3D, Photoshop and neural networks. Customizing a laptop is much more difficult than a desktop, unless you buy a case or apply stickers. They are more difficult and expensive to repair than desktop PCs.

How many types of computers are there in the world

🎮 There is great gaming performance. Even the most demanding games can be run on gaming laptops. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Red Dead Redemption 2, Cyberpunk 2077, Hogwarts Legacy, and Metro Exodus, for instance, will all perform well. The laptop overheats and produces more noise than a desktop when playing games.


A microcomputer is a little desktop computer that can easily fit in the palm of your hand due to its small size. Microcomputers, despite their small size, are quite important in the field of technology, particularly when it comes to learning to code, creating projects, carrying out different experiments, and bringing creative ideas to life. Mikriki is well-liked among programmers and computer aficionados.

How many types of computers are there in the world

📏 The size is extremely small. Such gadgets are very compact and are well suited for projects with limited space.

🚗 Mobility: one of the main advantages of microcomputers is high mobility. They operate on batteries and can be used in projects where there is no access to the mains.

🔧 The functionality of the microcomputer is wide. They support various operating systems and programming languages. Platforms like Raspberry Pi, Arduino and BBC Micro:bit. Despite their low processing power, microcomputers are powerful enough to implement many interesting and useful projects. You can create smart objects for a smart home, control robots, develop games, and even open simple servers.

🎮 Gaming performance: Although microcomputers are not designed to run games, they are used to create simple projects like Tetris, Snake. Enthusiasts launch the Doom game.


Supercomputers are the titans of the computing industry. Needed to solve problems that desktops cannot handle. These powerful machines are used in a wide range of applications, from weather forecasting and climate change research to modeling complex biological processes and space exploration.

Thanks to their enormous computing power, supercomputers are capable of processing billions and even trillions of operations per second, making them an indispensable tool in science and research.

The devices often take up entire rooms or even buildings, are equipped with specialized cooling systems to combat overheating and require a lot of energy to operate. They cost millions of dollars to build and operate, but the capabilities they provide are well worth the expense.

🔬 Scientific research and modeling: Supercomputers play a key role in scientific research, allowing scientists to simulate complex processes – from the interaction of atoms and molecules to the dynamics of galaxies. They are used for calculations in physics, quantum chemistry, molecular biology, and many other fields.

🌍 Climate Research: Machines are needed to forecast weather and study climate change. Computers process vast amounts of data from satellites, weather stations, and ocean buoys to create accurate weather models and long-term climate forecasts.

💡 Technological innovation: developing new materials, exploring alternative energy sources, designing efficient and economical cars and aircraft – in all these areas, supercomputers serve as a reliable tool for engineers and designers.

🚀 Space research: supercomputers are also used to simulate cosmic phenomena: black holes, the structure of the Universe, and the behavior of stars and planets. This helps astronomers and physicists understand the basic principles of how the cosmos works.

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