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Guide to creating a virtual number

Virtual numbers could be required in certain circumstances. For instance, let’s say you have to register on a website and you prefer not to get calls later about advertisements. Alternatively, if you need to open a second social network account but are unable to make or use a second SIM card in your phone. Guide to creating a virtual number

We’ll then discuss how to set up a virtual phone number, the services that are available, and the benefits of doing so. Guide to creating a virtual number

What it is

Similar to a mobile number, a virtual number does not require a physical SIM card to be associated with it. You only need to have access to Wi-Fi or mobile Internet on your phone in order to utilize it; no further connections are required. The number itself will function in the exact same way as a standard one, allowing you to send and receive SMS messages as well as make and receive calls.

Guide to creating a virtual number

You can also set up redirection from a virtual eSIM to a regular one if you suddenly go somewhere where there is no access to the Internet. In this case, calls will arrive to your SIM card as usual.

Why do you need a virtual number?

Initially, for website and service registration. These numbers are frequently used as a one-time way to block spammers from calling you or from showing up on dating sites or online retailers like Avito. This technique is also frequently used to make fictitious social network pages or just a second account to keep work and personal life apart.

Guide to creating a virtual number

In business, virtual numbers are frequently utilized. For instance, suppose you and other users, including remote workers, utilize the same social network mailing service. Furthermore, it is possible to purchase virtual eSIMs for usage in other nations in order to access services that are formally unavailable in Russia. For instance, ChatGPT.

How to apply

Without ever leaving your house, you can register for a virtual number right from your smartphone or PC. All you have to do to accomplish this is select a virtual SIM card issuing service that best suits your needs. These services are available in a good number, even from governmental telecom providers and for various nations.

Guide to creating a virtual number

Below we will look at several of these services and look at their advantages and disadvantages. We will also touch on services from Russian mobile operators and online exchanges. But let’s talk only about those services that serve individuals, not businesses.

Tinkoff Mobile

This option will be useful for those who already use the services of Tinkoff Bank. You don’t have to register on the site, just download the separate Tinkoff Mobile application and log in, or go to the site . After this, you can get a free number for yourself without much effort.

Guide to creating a virtual number

Tinkoff’s virtual SIM card service is free; you will need to pay extra only if you want to get a “beautiful” number. To use this service, you will only need access to mobile Internet or Wi-Fi. You will also be able to receive calls and SMS on a virtual eSIM, use it to register on different sites and services, and also turn it on and off as needed. And even later you can get a physical SIM card if you need it.


The mobile operator MTS also provides virtual number services. True, here you will have to pay a little for it. Registration of such a SIM card costs 49 rubels per month, and you will also have to pay an additional 100 rubles for connecting to a special tariff plan. Well, you will also have to pay for beautiful numbers.

Guide to creating a virtual number

The eSIM is connected and managed through the My Connect application. You need to go to the “Virtual Number” service and connect the one that suits you, choosing from the list. There you can also track your account balance and top it up if necessary so that tariff and service fees are debited correctly.


This operator’s virtual eSIM service connects to your SIM card. You can link up to 3 numbers to one SIM, and divide your tariff plan from the main phone and into additional ones. For example, a package of minutes can be spent on calls from additional numbers.

Guide to creating a virtual number

You can get a mobile or landline number. Calls and SMS will be automatically forwarded to your main phone. From a mobile phone you can make calls and exchange SMS, but from a landline phone you can only make calls.

You can activate the service for 30 rubles, and the subscription fee will be 2 rubles for a mobile number and 4 rubles for a landline number.


Now it’s time to move on to third-party services. One of the best among them is 365SMS. Its database contains several hundred thousand virtual numbers, each of which can be used to register in any service.

The trick of the service is that you get access to a virtual number for exactly 20 minutes. During this time, you can receive an unlimited number of SMS and confirmation codes for registration. Another feature is a large selection of countries. You can access eSIM from the USA, Kazakhstan, China and many other countries, and register in services that do not serve clients from the Russian Federation.

The site has built-in filtering for social networks and services if you need to register on a specific site. You can also immediately see the cost of the service right away, without additional registration on the site.

The service has only one drawback – access is provided exclusively via SMS messages. You will not be able to call from the dedicated number.


This service works on the same principle as 365SMS – you can rent a number to receive messages. It has fewer countries, but there are no rental restrictions; you can take the service for free for 20 minutes or use a tariff for several hours or days. The cost will depend on the country you choose and the desired rental period. Some eSIM will cost about 10 rubles. You can also set up SMS forwarding in Telegram.

To register on the site you only need an email. You will not need to provide your phone number or passport details. The downside is that the service is English-language, so problems may arise with understanding the functionality and payment.


SMS-Activate boasts 180 countries in its library of numbers and affordable prices for their rental. You can register on Instagram (owned by the Meta corporation banned in Russia) for less than 1 ruble!

Guide to creating a virtual number

The service has a huge database of numbers and there are two options for using them:

  • One-time receipt of a message from a site or service (waiting up to 20 minutes);
  • Rent an eSIM from 4 hours to a month, with an endless number of messages and call forwarding service.

The site also has various discounts, cashback, purchasing rooms in bulk, an affiliate program and other conditions. There are even services for software developers: SMS-Activate can be integrated into it using a ready-made API.


Now let’s return to online services that work not only with SMS, but also with calls. For example, OnlineSIM offers users a library of eSIMs from 90 countries. You can also sign up for an SMS-only rental service for a couple of rubles, or take advantage of a long-term rental with daily payment.

Guide to creating a virtual number

OnlineSIM has its own equipment in which all SIM cards issued by users are stored. The service forwards messages and calls so you can see and read them.

The big advantage of the service is that if you register using a rented number on a social network, website or application, it cannot be used for re-registration. This way you won’t lose access from your backup account and another user won’t be able to log into your page.


For a full-fledged analogue of a SIM card in the virtual space, there is the Zadarma service. It can receive SMS and calls, keep statistics of conversations, record them and even connect an answering machine.

There are numbers from 100 countries to choose from, including those that use customer service (8800). The service uses integration with CRM systems and various instant messengers, which you can configure to receive messages.

At the same time, both ordinary clients and companies can use Zadarma to conduct business. There are different tariff plans with the selection of conditions specifically for you.


The last service on our list that we will talk about is TelWel. It is aimed mainly at travelers and allows you to solve the issue of communication in foreign countries.

The service sells eSIM from different countries in Asia and Europe. You can connect the services of local operators or choose a universal tariff that will work in several countries. At the same time, you pay separately for mobile communications and Internet access services and can choose a package and connection speed that is convenient for you.

TelWel has no hidden fees or subscriptions and has a convenient personal account where you can view the remaining traffic for packages and expand it if necessary. During the rental period, the number belongs only to you, and other users will not be able to use it.

In this article we have collected the most famous and convenient services for issuing a virtual eSIM. You can check them personally and choose the most suitable option for yourself. Guide to creating a virtual number

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Guide to creating a virtual number



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