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Best File Managers for Android

Use an excellent file manager to keep your mobile operating system clean. Which apps are the best for handling files on your Android device? Let’s examine the most successful ones. Best File Managers for Android

ES PRO Manager

Best File Managers for Android

Multifunctional file manager. Can create backup copies of files. Allows you to delete, move, and copy documents. Allows you to personalize the appearance of the application to your taste.

Other options include the ability to manage files via Bluetooth and the ability to send documents to social networks. The remote control option allows you to synchronize documents with a PC on all operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac. In addition, it will enable you to connect to cloud storage platforms. It has a built-in archiver.


Best File Managers for Android

A program that allows you to send files to other users easily. The advantage is that the software exchanges files via a hotspot at 5 Mbps. Supports group document transfer.

According to the software developers, the program allows you to transfer files up to 100 times faster than Bluetooth. With its help, you can send files to other Android and iPhone devices and desktop computers.


Best File Managers for Android

It allows you to create backup copies of documents in cloud storage and synchronize files with other devices, including smartphones and computers.

It provides users with access to 1024 GB of cloud storage. That’s more than 3,000,000 photos, over 2,500 video files, or 6.5 million pages of documents. The built-in file manager lets you preview files and play videos.

APK Install

Best File Managers for Android

APK Installer is a simple tool that allows an Android user to easily install an APK file into the smartphone’s memory. The software can find all APK files in your gadget’s memory and display them as a separate list in the application.

It provides the user with detailed information about files, including the date of the last APK change. It also allows you to install applications with a distribution in the smartphone’s memory.


Best File Managers for Android

KeepSafe is an application that allows you to hide folders with images and videos in your smartphone’s memory. For more reliable protection, the software offers to set a password so that strangers cannot access the documents.

It also allows you to take photos via the app and save them directly to a secure folder. For privacy, it uses PIN-lock and fingerprint authentication.

Cx File Explorer

Best File Managers for Android

A sound file explorer for Android devices with many useful features and an intuitive interface. The software allows you to manage all documents and applications within the OS.

It will enable you to create, view, and move files and access the root directory. Cx File Explorer also allows you to synchronize your smartphone data with Box, Dropbox, and Drive accounts to manage files via the cloud.


Best File Managers for Android

Allows you to transfer files and documents to different operating systems. For example, the software will enable you to transfer a document from Android to Windows or Linux. File transfer takes a few seconds, but you must install the application on both devices.

The advantage of Dukto is that the software allows you to transfer files of almost any size. The program creates a local network between two devices, allowing exchanging documents.


It allows you to manage all the data stored on your Android smartphone. In addition, the software will enable you to transfer data to other devices via Wi-Fi or Hotspots, making the method faster than Bluetooth.

Among the advantages, we note the presence of a built-in video converter. The program can also create backup copies of all documents on the smartphone. It provides the ability to make “backups” of individual applications and games.

File Commander Manager & Cloud

It allows you to get extended access to files on your smartphone and synchronize them via Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and SugarSync. You can copy, paste, cut, and move documents within Android OS. Best File Managers for Android

In addition, the software allows you to work on a local network and via an FTP server. It offers an improved storage analyzer and several options for sorting documents inside Android.


Link2SD is another good file manager for Android. It can detect any document, automatically group applications, and even move them from the device memory to the SD card. It lets you change the root directory to install new applications and games.

Other features include batch removal, moving and reinstalling applications, program conversion, and support for ROM extensions. 90% of the software functions are available even in the free version. Best File Managers for Android

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