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10 neural networks for creating logos

The neural network will help you create a logo in png or jpg format for free. The result can be a full-fledged version of the logo for the first time, or a draft for the designer. Such images can be used as logos for offal products or branded avatars in groups and chats. 10 neural networks for creating logos

Neural network for creating logos

How to create a logo in a neural network? It’s very simple: your prompt (request) should consist of the keywords: “logo”, “logo” “logo design”. For artificial intelligence, such clarifications are very important; without them, it is impossible to obtain a more accurate result. “Neuronka” has millions of references in its database that are connected in its “head” with different areas of life. If you write “Nail Technician” and “Nail Salon Logo,” the results will be very different.

The first result will look like a photo or image for a post on a social network due to the detail and unnecessary objects. Definitely not suitable for a logo.

10 neural networks for creating logos

When generating the request “logo for a manicure salon,” the result is strikingly different from the first option, because the command is given with key hints.

10 neural networks for creating logos

The best result is obtained if the request is in English. With a detailed technical description, but without unnecessary words. For example: “Modern minimalist logo design for a beauty salon.” Bad: “Modern minimalist logo design, like Apple, for a nail technician, in a cozy, clean salon in the city center near the bus stop.”

The neural network is not a person, but a program, so it “counts” unnecessary details incorrectly, and the final picture will contain a lot of unnecessary things. Example request: “Minimalistic logo for a beauty salon. In the center is a silhouette of a girl on a white background, she is satisfied that she has completed the care procedures. 2D style, no more than 3 colors, clear shadows, clear outlines.”

10 neural networks for creating logos

If you have experience in design, and you know Photoshop and Illustrator, then the neural network will be an excellent assistant that will save you from the “fear of a blank sheet” and help you create drafts.

Before you start generating, you need to clearly define what you want to see in the logo: style, colors, design elements, general concept, and mood that the logo should convey. When you decide, write down the keywords that are associated with such a logo: modern, stylish, angry, bright, and friendly. Write the prompt and start the generation process.

Stable Diffusion

Draw: Github

In the world of design, Stable Diffusion stands apart from other AI, because it is the best neural network for creating logos, art, concepts and much more. Largely thanks to special libraries – “loras” (Lora), which are prepared by enthusiasts. The beauty of such assemblies is that they are trained on something specific: to make Shrek in the style of the cartoon “Mulan”, or to generate a picture as if it were a Soviet poster, to create prototypes of the game menu. There are a lot of options, there are models even for the narrowest topics.

10 neural networks for creating logos

In addition, Stable Diffusion recently released different versions of the program for medium and powerful computer hardware. This accessibility has expanded the range of users and contributed to the popularization of copyright libraries and collections of prom items among neuroartists. There are many materials with similar collections on the Internet . You can download Stable to your computer using tutorials from Github or YouTube. There is an official online version with limited functionality – DreamStudio.


A convenient online platform for drawing logos and anything else. As mentioned earlier, DreamStudio is a version of Stable Diffusion, but with a smaller set of tools.

Each new user is awarded 25 credits for free – this is what generation attempts are called. However, it is worth considering that it may take more than 1 credit to create a finished image.

10 neural networks for creating logos

The cost of the result depends on the quality of the products: the better the idea is described, the faster you will get a decent generation. You can rarely draw a good picture the first time, so if necessary, you can top up your “balance” with donations.

The generation process in DreamStudio is simple and intuitive. Users are asked to select a style from the available options, then write a text query and specify stop words. The service allows you to upload your photos for styling. For creating logos, DreamStudio is a good option; it is a convenient tool that allows you to experiment with styles and visual effects.


A unique neural network became famous throughout the world, made a lot of noise in the news, gained a huge user base, and…temporarily closed. Due to the influx of people wanting to draw, the developers have temporarily suspended free access to generations. Now you can use the platform only by subscription, which is purchased through Discord or on markets like Plati. market from sellers with a good reputation.

10 neural networks for creating logos

The functionality of the “grid” is impressive: from drawing based on a text description to combining two images and stylizing the generated image using a reference. Helps optimize the query by removing unnecessary words and leaving the key ones. Extremely useful for beginners and when creating logos.

To start using Midjourney, just subscribe to the developers’ Discord and enter a request in English using the /imagen command. In response, the system will give 4 generations, from which you need to select the most suitable instance for further experiments.


An incredibly easy-to-use neural network that produces amazing results in 1-2 requests. Not without reservations: the easiest way to work with Dall-E is through ChatGPT 4.0. Text AI will help compose a request and send it to “Dally”, who creates a picture and then shows it to the user. You can make edits in a freestyle right in the chat: “Remove the red color,” “Make the picture more serious.” Now OpenAI is testing a function with two generations so that the user can choose the most successful one.

In the Bing search engine, the Image Creator tool is also based on Dall-E. The text request goes through GPT, but this is hidden information. You cannot make changes as in the first case. There are 15 free attempts per day, after the limit the generation speed slows down or disappears altogether, depending on the load on Bing.


If you are looking for a simple neural network to create logos, then try this option. Not a full-fledged neural network, but only a tool that asks you to enter a name, select the brand’s field of activity, the desired color scheme and elements. Creates several options with watermarks, which are removed after purchase. One logo costs 8.80$. There are two donation packages from 13.26$.


The neural network from Sber entered the same arena with world leaders in AI, and also took second place in popularity among developers, behind Stable Diffusion.

The key feature of Kandinsky is that this AI recognizes industrial texts in more than 100 languages ​​and works well with commands in Russian. There are several options for use: in a telegram, on a website, on Sber TVs (why?).


We log in to the site and revive a ready-made logo or one created on the site based on a text request. In this “grid”, using the Multi-Motion Brush tool, which is in beta version at the time of writing, you can create up to 5 brushes with directions along all axes and animate part of the picture. There are currently 5 free generations available.

We recommend that you have a ready-made logo to upload the image to the site using the Start with Image button. After loading, select Motion Brush in the panel below, a new window appears, in which you need to set the directions for the brushes and select the necessary objects in the picture for future animation.


  • Draw: RenderNet

Not a logo, but close to the topic, because with the help of Rendernet, you can create a real AI brand ambassador! There are already successful cases with non-existent Instagram models who make money from advertising. Maybe you can do it too?

RenderNet AI is a powerful generation tool with a focus on remembering faces and poses. The site has a lot of ready-made Lora and prompts with descriptions. You can choose any style, from anime to realism. Using the Facelock button, you can remember the facial features of the AI ​​model. 50 generations are available for free.


A real pocket logo generator, because the service is available on the website and in the mobile application. Working with Starryai is simple: register, enter a name with keywords, select a style, you can even upload a reference photo. Start generation. There are 5 free generations per day.


The service is based on Stable Diffusion and DALLE-2, suitable not only for creating art, but also logos. Just register and write PM in English, and your logo is ready in a matter of seconds! On the site you can make edits and correct the result, and unsuccessful details can be corrected in Photoshop.

We hope that you found a neural network for creating logos in this collection. We wish you successful generations. Don’t forget to share your successful promts in the comments!

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