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10 Best Neural Networks for Android

Neural networks are now accessible to smartphone users and have long transcended the PC. You will discover which 10 representatives are most appropriate for addressing different issues from our content. 10 Best Neural Networks for Android

Kandinsky 2.1

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A neural network that the Sber group developed. This is a free program that uses text queries to create images.

10 Best Neural Networks for Android

One of the benefits is that there are no limitations on the quantity of photos that can be produced. This distinguishes the application from rivals. The 768×768 pixel maximum resolution is the sole negative aspect.

To try the neural network, you need to install the Salute application, call an assistant and ask “Enable artist.”


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A service that uses pre-installed samples to create a unique audio stream from which an algorithm creates music. The user’s desired genre or mood determines how the audio stream is presented.

10 Best Neural Networks for Android

Simply download and launch the app, then choose a genre or pastime. The music will thereafter be chosen by the service automatically in the specified direction. You have the option to replay, rate, and share the song on social media.


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An additional neural network that produces some quite intriguing visuals. Users of the service can choose between two stylistic options: realistic photos or artistic/abstract art.

10 Best Neural Networks for Android

The application’s creators encourage novices to become acquainted with pre-made pictures that have been developed by others. The questions that were utilized to generate each image are included with it. This makes it possible for new users to rapidly grasp how the service functions.

Every day, 5 “credits” are credited to your account, which can be spent on generation.


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An application to enhance picture quality. With the help of the service, you may create a distinctive customized avatar, add color to black and white photos, and brighten photos.

10 Best Neural Networks for Android

The advantage of the application is that it works not only with digital photographs but also with paper media. To do this, you need to scan or photograph them.

Only three images per day can be enhanced for free.


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A program created by the Yandex group. The primary feature is intended to produce visuals in response to text searches.

Since the service is still in beta testing, new users may occasionally be denied access by the developers. The creation of images has no boundaries. Still, there are more subtleties.

It is forbidden for users to request violent or sexually suggestive scenarios, to create portraits or photos of particular individuals, or to create images with political or religious themes. If not, there are no limitations.


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For anyone who frequently reads or utilizes foreign portals, this is a true “lifesaver.” With the help of this service, you may translate vast amounts of text without compromising the story’s meaning.

10 Best Neural Networks for Android

To get the result, you need to point the device’s camera at the text, take a photo of it, and wait for the translation to complete.

There are no restrictions on the number of requests. The only additional functionality is the ability to change the white background to a dark one.


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a neural network that generates images by using reference photos or text searches. The generated art can be used as your phone’s wallpaper or, for instance, as the covers of albums or playlists.

10 Best Neural Networks for Android

Testers of the program emphasize how quickly it generates images, how many styles are available even in the free edition, and how easy it is to register—a feature that sets it apart from similar programs.

YouCam Perfect

Download from Google Play 

A large and well-thought-out application with a neural network, aimed at bloggers or people who often process photos

10 Best Neural Networks for Android

Artificial intelligence has a lot of possibilities. It can automatically enhance images, remove backgrounds or unwanted objects, convert simple avatars into pictures with a specific style, etc.

The application is free, the number of daily treatments is unlimited.


Download from Google Play 

Chatbot utilizing GPT-4 and ChatGPT. You can use a neural network to find solutions to any problems or queries that are presented.

The user has the option to request that the response be modified using the previously supplied data if he is unhappy with the outcome. Additionally, you can modify your request and receive a more thorough response.

The application is good, but there is a small drawback – only three free requests are available per day.

Genie – Al Chatbot

Download from Google Play 

The program is compatible with GPT-4 and ChatGPT. You can use it to compose something from the start, to receive a hint about quantum physics, or to figure out why it rains. Almost every query can be answered by a chatbot, which can also offer its speculations.

The application’s free edition has a daily limit of ten queries, although this is sufficient to obtain information on interesting topics or assistance with schoolwork.

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