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10 Best Drifting Games on Android

Android has a large selection of racing games. Drifting-specific games occupy a different niche. We present to you our selection of the top ten artists in this subgenre. 10 Best Drifting Games on Android

Static Shift Racing

  • Developer : Timbo Jimbo
  • Release date : December 18, 2022
  • Cost : free
  • Download 

Top10 Best Drifting Games on Android

A strong contender for the role of race time waster. Static Shift Racing is similar to the Need for Speed Underground duology, which fans of that series will be able to relate to. The graphics are entirely responsible for this. Static Shift Racing’s nighttime streets have a lot in common with Olympic metropolis’s (the made-up metropolis of both NFSUs) vibe.

Regarding graphics, the game has decent ones (at least for mobile gaming standards). Beautiful reflections from cars are created, and the scene is softened by the warm streetlight lighting. The consequences of tire burn residue are particularly interesting. It feels like a heavy car is in front of you when it comes to handling. Although smooth, the drifts have a slight arcade feel to them.

Hard Racing

  • Developer : Black Fox Ent.
  • Release date : December 7, 2022
  • Cost : free
  • Download 

Top10 Best Drifting Games on Android

The makers of Hard Racing concentrated on creating a customizable system and a cinematic camera. Gamers are able to customize their cars’ looks by adding new rims, altering the body color, and personalizing them with stickers and logos.

Players can compete with one another on the same track in the game’s online mode. In-game money is used to upgrade and buy cars. Apart from drifting, there are modes for drag racing, time trials, checkpoint driving, and classic races.

Real Drift Car Racing

  • Developer : Real Games srls
  • Release date : June 2, 2014
  • Cost : $0.99
  • Download 

Top10 Best Drifting Games on Android

The game is comparable to PS3 and Xbox 360 simulators in that it offers a view from the car’s cabin. The project offers engine and exhaust pipe modifications, among other automotive customization options.

The simulator is acclaimed for having a realistic physics model and good driving dynamics. The accelerometer control method for the car has been implemented by the developers. The game costs $0.99 to play. Gamers can download a demo edition of Real Drift Car Racing Lite if they so desire.

Hashiriya drifter

  • Developer :  Midnight Games SRL
  • Release date :  August 1, 2019
  • Cost : $0.99
  • Download

Top10 Best Drifting Games on Android

In the drifting game Hashiriya Drifter, players must test and modify cars on Japanese roadways. There are realistic visual effects in the project. More than 100 options, including chassis and transmission customization, are available for vehicles in the game.

Since the game features a damage system and a realistic physical model, you must approach each race cautiously. A cockpit view is another component of Hashiriya Drifter that gives the game more realism. The project is actually a historical exploration of Japanese car culture.

Drift Max Pro

  • Developer Tiramisu
  • Release date March 17, 2020
  • Cost $0.99
  • Download  Google Play

Top10 Best Drifting Games on Android

One phrase that best sums up Drift Max Pro is “sunny drift outside the city.” The locations in this game are reminiscent of NFS: Hot Pursuit, another installment in the Need for Speed series. Hilly terrain with precipitous drops and winding roads has emerged as a popular drift racing venue.

The vibrant graphics of Drift Max Pro, a mobile game, are one of its benefits. The customized cars’ vibrant prints go well with the game’s visual design. Additionally, even seasoned drift racing enthusiasts won’t become bored with a quality physical model.

Torque Drift

  • Developer :  Grease Monkey Games Pty Ltd
  • Release date : March 24, 2020
  • Cost : free
  • Download

Top10 Best Drifting Games on Android

One of the best drivers in drift racing competitions. The greatest method to put your agility to the test and wow your rivals is through online doubles races. Apart from an amazing collection of cars and several customization options, gamers may be drawn in by a specially designed pumping mechanism.

In order to unlock new upgrades and cooler cars, players will progressively advance on the leaderboard by improving their driving abilities. Modern standards of quality in graphics are used to season all of this.

CarX Drift Racing 2

  • Developer : CarX Technologies, LLC
  • Release date : December 21, 2018
  • Cost :  free
  • Download 

the sequel to the cult favorite CarX Drift Racing, whose initial installment quickly surpassed 10 million installations. It is possibly the best game ever made for mobile devices in terms of graphics and physical model implementation.

More than 65 famous vehicles and a wide range of customizability are available on CarX. Vinyl stickers, painting, altering the car’s mechanical specs, changing the color, and many more options are available for tuning. Since every car responds to skidding differently, switching cars has a noticeable effect on control.

Hyper Drift

  • Developer :Semeevs
  • Release date : April 10, 2019
  • Cost : free
  • Download

This is a very unique project that differs in gameplay and style from other drift races. Let’s say we are discussing toy vehicles and toy tracks for tabletop racing. This is the exact sensation of hyperdrift.

The primary aspect of gameplay is the automobile driving itself, with the player simply needing to manipulate the steering wheel to execute proper drifts. The tracks are situated at a considerable elevation. In order to keep the prerequisites for the game as low as possible, the developers leaned on minimalism. The project is still being supported by the writers, who are also contributing fresh content.

Assoluto Racing

  • Developer : Infinity Vector Ltd
  • Release date : May 4, 2016
  • Cost : free
  • Download

Top10 Best Drifting Games on Android

Assoluto Racing is not like other free drift games on Android, which practically overwhelm players with content in the form of an enormous fleet of vehicles, a ton of tuning options, settings, or tracks. The development team chose to rely on equilibrium, or more specifically, a meticulous attention to detail.

Because of this, the game is better suited to be classified as a drift simulator than an arcade game. mainly because of a capable physical model that is less forgiving of errors than rival games. The project’s strong point is its excellent optimization, which enables the game to operate on smartphones with moderate hardware.

Russian Car Drift

  • Developer : Carlovers Games
  • Release date : June 6, 2019
  • Cost : free
  • Download

There is some household garbage in our selection! Take a seat behind the wheel of the “Seven” and other cars from the Russian auto industry. Perhaps this is the exact type of drift you would like to see on your smartphone. Please take advantage of this opportunity, which Russian Car Drift will give you.

Jokes aside, Russian Car Drift has some of the best tweaking options of any game in this genre. Everything from spoilers to stickers to body kits, you can get it all here. Every component has an impact on the car’s aerodynamic qualities. Here, you can even swap out the engine. A definite suggestion for fans of Lada.

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